Pothole Perfection
If only all potholes could be patched so colorfully! Street artist Juliana Santacruz-Herrera “repairs” the crags and cracks in the pavements of Paris with coils of braided, hand-dyed fabric that she arranges in multicolored designs for a brilliant and beautiful effect. She is, to be sure, a kindred spirit: an optimist who sees the potential for beauty where others may not. Her smile-inducing compositions brighten a gray canvas, and the citizens who tread upon it, with unexpected whimsy. Below are five examples of her work.


by Andrew

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Keely Brown

Down here in Key West, we dress like this! If I saw that in the street, I’d think that someone got run over!

Gorgeous, though! Makes me want to get out my artisan hand-dyed yarns and crochet hooks!

Ken Newman

I can appreciate the concept of wonderful color splashes overcoming the blandness of a deteriorating urban environment. It’s a nice surprise to find art in unlikely places. I must admit that when this opened and I scrolled the photos before reading the introduction my first thought was…OMG someone killed a unicorn.