Farmers Market Signage

For big-city dwellers, like myself, there are few summer treats as tantalizing as local farmers’ markets. We are lucky to have two fairly large weekend markets near our apartment that sell produce grown on farms just outside Toronto’s city limits: tomatoes, cuccumbers, lettuces and leafy greens, potatoes, carrots, berries and so much more. I’m always charmed by the signage that is used to promote these markets. Some of them are handmade using a bunch of Sharpies and skillful penmanship while others are commercially designed. Below are five signs used to advertise the Knoxville, Tennessee, Farmers’Market. They were made by Pioneer House, a small company with an Etsy store where letterpress cards and prints can be purchased. Click here to visit their shop.






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by Andrew

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Ken Newman

There’s a comforting quality to these old fashioned signs. We are lucky to live in easy driving distance to the Ithaca NY Farmers Market,( one of my favorite vices ).

Ilona Crisp

I like the looks of the signs, like old time signs. The colors are beautiful. Thanks Again Andrew !