You build patriotism by first loving the community you are in. We were proud to march with other members of Team Beekman in the annual Sharon Springs 4th of July parade.

by Josh and Brent

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B. Maria

I am not sure what my town knows what the celebration is truly about…..very sad…….

susan schofield

Love your pictures, you both an the kids really gives me good inspiration, love your products an both of you an all goats an kids💜!

Lana Neveu

I wish the parades were like this when I was a kid in Sharon Springs. I remember the American Legion marching and I think I marched as a Girl Scout.

Janice Dianne Milligan

We miss you and the goats so much.
The parade looked wonderful to bad I wasn’t there.
See you and hopefully the baby goats on
hsn with the wonderful products , I’ve
ordered some already.
Good luck on the launch.

L. Welz

Thank you for sharing!! Looks like you’re having a great time!!
I’m so looking forward to seeing you both, on HSN!! I only use the Beekman products as well as gifting many of them to my grown children. They absolutely love the soap and body creams!
Oh, the small town that I live in here in Northern Idaho did not celebrate, but in our hearts, we did. We have so much to be thankful for!
Have a wonderful day and looking forward to seeing you, again!