As the old folk story goes, hungry strangers convince the people of a town to each share a small amount of their food in order to make a meal that everyone enjoys. Thus the recipe for Stone Soup was born.

When we lost our jobs in the Recession of 2008 and decamped to a small farming community in upstate New York to start our lives over, we relied on the help of our neighbors to teach us virtually everything we needed to know to start a surprisingly complex “simple life”.

As our farm grew, so did our collection of artisans that make up Beekman 1802. So, too, did our little village of Sharon Springs NY, which is now on the verge of a major rebirth of its own.

Our upcoming fourth cookbook, A Seat at the Table, is our most personal one yet. Every recipe, every story, and every page is flavored with the seasoning and spice that only a diverse community can bring.

In a time of digitally-imposed isolation and unprecedented fractures in our national view of the American dream, what we need now more than ever is to find ways to lift everyone up; to find opportunities for everyone to succeed. We want to help pass the bread and not the buck.

In this spirit we want to invite everyone to have a seat at the table and encourage communities like yours to come together and make amazing things happen.

There are three ways we want to use our new book to encourage communities to come together and at the same time help civically minded organizations raise money to continue their efforts.


  1. If you are a not-for-profit organization and wish to use the book as a fundraising opportunity we’ve created a special liaison that can help you purchase the book at wholesale (minimum order one case of books) so that you can then sell the book at whatever cost you would like to raise money for your organization. You can even take pre-orders for the book before you order so that your organization is not short any resources. If you order your books prior to the publication date (Sept 1), our publisher will also send you autographed bookplates for each book ordered. Contact: Olivia Wilson, Sales Manager, (617) 351-5919



  1. If your not-for-profit has an engaged social media following or a strong email list, you can also easily set up an Amazon affiliate link and encourage your followers to purchase the book this way. Your organization will get a percentage of each sale. You can sign up at any time, and it’s very simple. The link to sign up as an affiliate is here:


  1. If your organization is hosting an event of 500 people or more, Houghton Mifflin may send us (Brent and Josh)—to personally sign books at your event! (our schedule permitting!). For information, contact:


  1. If you are an independent bookseller that would like to host a community potluck dinner and book signing with your customers, please contact your local HMH sales representative.



This autumn let’s invite as many people to the table as possible.








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