At Beekman 1802 we never shy away from learning something new, so when we had the opportunity to learn to make our own hardwood brick charcoal, of course we jumped at it.

It’s a great autumn project.




  • dig a hole 6’x 12′ long
  • grade depth from 1′ to ground level
  • lay two 12′ pieces of wood lengthwise
  • fill bottom of hole with twigs
  • cut additional logs in 4-5′ lengths and lay 1-2 layers
  • cover with hay or leaves & grass cuttings
  • cover all sides and top with 1′ dirt
  • leave a small opening to ignite, once ignited cover opening
  • allow to slowly burn 3-4 weeks, checking multiple times per day for holes forming on the surface of your dirt mound
  • patch any holes with dirt
  • after 2-3 weeks dig a small opening and shovel out the 1st section of charcoal wood pieces. If there are pieces of your original wood pieces that have yet to turn to charcoal, cover them back up with dirt and continue to allow them to smolder until charcoal is formed (checking once or twice a week)
  • spread on ground and spray with hose until cool
  • allow to dry for a few days


by Josh and Brent

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