Give us one reason in the comments section below that you love living in America!



Earlier this year we partnered with Country Inns and Suites to re-design all of the amenities in their hotels across America.

During the launch they used a clever promotional tagline called “1,802 Reasons to Love this Country”. It was so clever, in fact, that we stole it.

For sure America has its fair share of problems and imperfections, but at Beekman 1802, we also search high and low for the most positive things, and there’s still PLENTY of positive things going in America.

In honor of Independence Day, we are are going to try to get 1,802 comments on this blog post each giving one reason that they love this country. We’ll post them all on Facebook (@beekman1802boys) on July 4.

Put the reason you love this country in the comments section below.


by Josh and Brent

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Donna P. Brown

I love living in America because we have so many choices to be happy. We enjoy amazing freedom because of those that continue to serve in our military to protect our nation. America has always been great, is great today, and will continue to be great because of all of the wonderful people that live here. God Bless America!

Rebecca Higgins

I am so thankful to live in this beautiful country . We have so many opportunities every day to help someone and it does not always have to revolve around money .Our land is beautiful and so very fruitful ,we have good education and we are free because of our brave soldiers .What more could one ask for ?

Fran Apollo

I love the hope that America offers. I am the granddaughter of immigrants and am aware that their courage was fueled by hope for a better future.


I am free to choose. I can choose to vote or not, own a gun or not, travel uninhibited around the country or visit local attractions, natural, historical, or just plain fun. I am also free to worship God, and at any church or outdoor setting. God bless America and thank You, God for allowing me to be an American!


To have to knowledge and understanding that my freedoms are a privilege, paid for by the sacrifices of those who came before me.


I love our freedoms! Our strength is in our caring for each other and protecting the freedoms which so many lives were sacrificed for. What I don’ t like is being fearful of traveling or of going to large venues and thinking of terrorism. Isis has won, we live in fear, not freedom to do whatever we want to.

Dianne Venturelli

Because we are all equal and all are welcome to be a part of America.


It is all about Freedom: freedom of speech, freedom to worship, freedom to not be persecuted.

cheryl albert

As a nation we continue to move forward even when progress is painful.

Jo Griffith

There are many reasons to love this country. One of the freedoms I hold dear is the freedom of productive land. Whether your land consists of a Quarter Horse on a quarter acre, a huge farmstead, a community garden, or a tomato in a pot by your back door, the ability and freedom to grow food for yourself and your neighbors is a great gift.

Christine Kennedy

I love this country,for my worship the way I choose,to live each day to its fullest.God Bless America!!!!

Kristi Antrobus

My family and my freedoms are the reason why I love our country the most. And then there is cherry pie too. ?

Debbie Gates

I love this country because even if we don’t always agree, we still stick together during times of trials, grief and triumphs……Just like family.

Paul K

I love this country because somehow at the end of the day we get right. It may take a really long time and we’ve had to overcome many obstacles (and many more to go) but eventually we get it right.

Mia Derbas

I’ve travelled all over the world, but there is NO place like home ??

Sherri Anderson

I love living in this country due to the wide range of possibilities which are inherent within it. Our lives are not predetermined or scripted by a government, nor are our dreams permanently out of reach due to a lack of opportunity or resources.

We are free to write our own futures and we alone are responsible for our pasts. We are free to overachieve….we are free to underachieve….and we are free to reach any point within that dichotomy. We are free to define the word ‘happiness’ in our own personal ways and then chase down those definitions. We are free to dream and then to find the ways to make those dreams come true. We are free to stumble and falter – and then to choose either to stay down or to get back up, dust ourselves off & stand even taller through a sense of strengthened resolve.

In short, I love this country because it enables her citizens to reach for the stars and to only be limited by their own imaginations. From birth onward, each life is limitless in its potential and that is the direct result of living in a free country such as our own.

May the United States of America continue to be blessed and to stand as a beacon of freedom and hope throughout this world.

Happy Independence Day to all!

Susan Fabian

I learned to love my country at my grandmother’s knee. She spoke of us being a melting pot, that differences were to be respected. ..that voting & giving blodd were civic responsibilities

Michele Campbell

I love this country because men/women have given the ultimate gift for my freedom! #GodBlessAmerica


My ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War (on both sides). I’m in awe every 4th of July of those family members who risked it all so this country could be formed. Not many people can connect to the beginnings of this country and I do enjoy having that connection to the past. That’s what and why I love this country. It’s personal.


…Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door.” Good old Lady Liberty.


So many reasons to love this country. Freedom to move around from one place to another at will. Freedom of speech. We can tend to take all of our freedoms for granted. But I am in awe of all those who come here looking for a better life. They may come with nothing, but still they come, just as our ancestors did once upon a time. Incredible!!!

Arden |

Although we always loved this country, I have to admit I don’t think we really *thought about* it all that much until we lived *outside* the country for 5+ years (in Costa Rica). While that was a great experience, it SO, SO, SO much made us appreciate the U.S. and now that we’re back we are constantly reminded of what a great country we truly do live in. Simple pleasures like wide smooth roads (a particular Utah phenomenon), efficiency in doing almost anything combined with wonderfully nice and friendly people, libraries, great opportunities to eat real food, not having to constantly worry about your stuff being stolen, incredible nature and national (and state) parks, such immense variety, I could go on and on. Oh, and by the way, love you guys!!