A Kid's Guide to Keeping Chickens


A Chicken for Every Yard

Chickens make wonderful pets, and our friend Melissa Caughey (author of the award-winning blog Tilly’s Nest) provides all the information kids need to raise healthy chickens and have tons of fun doing it. It takes less than 20 minutes a day to care for a flock and is a great learning opportunity.  Caughey shares her advice in an engaging way so that kids understand what it means to keep chickens and what kind of housing, food, equipment, and care the chickens will need to thrive. She also includes ideas for lots of creative activities sure to spark enthusiasm and imagination, such as speaking chicken, creating a veggie piñata for the flock, and making a chicken fort in the backyard. She even offers ten egg-centric recipes that kids will love to make and eat, including French toast, egg drop soup, and Mexican egg pizza.


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by Josh and Brent

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Michele Pecikonis

Just learned about your company from Evine and signed up on your website. I love everything about it. When will you be on Evine next?

Dr. Brent

Hi, Michele! Welcome to the farm!. We are going to get busy making some more things and hope to get back to Evine later this summer.


Learning to value where your food comes from is an excellent thing to instill in your children. The younger the better!