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Warren Bobrow, author of Apothecary Cocktails, Restoratives from Yesterday and Today is a master mixologist (and the guardian for our Soused Gnome), and he created the signature cocktails for the wedding.

Any good celebration begins with something good in a glass, and these concoctions are just perfect for any summertime entertaining.


The Rose of Sharon  (For one aromatic cocktail)

1.5 oz. Star Vodka (or your choice)
1/2 oz. Royal Rose Simple Syrup of Roses
4 oz. Polar Seltzer Mint Mojito Soda Water
1 Dash- Fee Brothers West Indian Orange Bitters
1 Dash- Basement Bitters (Tuthilltown Spirits Distillery, NY)
Sprig of Garden Spearmint
1/2 Lemon Pinwheel

Spring Fizz (for one mocktail)
1/2 oz. Royal Rose Simple Syrup of Roses
4 oz. Polar Seltzer Ruby Red Grapefruit Soda Water
Sprig of Garden Spearmint
1/2 Lemon Pinwheel
1 Dash- Bitter Truth Lemon Bitters
2 Drops Bitter End Moroccan Bitters



by Josh and Brent

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iva management

Very well written information. It will be useful to everyone who employess it, including myself.
Keep doing what you are doiung – foor sure i will check out more posts.


47 year old School Principal Sia from Cold Lake, loves to spend time towards the elderly, Kaley and
ballet. Felt particulary inspired after setting up a journey to Historic Centre of Mexico City and Xochimilco.


I am usually the designated driver at all wedding functions and I’ll admit to feeling very left out at the last one which had custom designed cocktails. Your Mocktail is the perfect way to encourage good behavior from designated drivers. Truth be told, I can’t imagine you guys overlooking anyone!

Marie Fritz

The Rose of Sharon was refreshing and yummy – just perfect for a special wedding cocktail!


I love that you have included a mocktail recipe… an inclusive element to hosting that is often overlooked. Thanks fellas!


I seem to recall a lot of mention of vodka in your book Josh! I have never tried vodka, but will give this
a try.

Warren Bobrow

this was a fabulous occasion for the Beekman Boys. Surrounded by their friends and local well-wishers- Klaus there as my trusted bar-back and the double rainbows unfolding over the lush green hills. It was a magical day and I shall always remember their kindness towards Klaus (my gnome) and myself.