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We’ve lobbied really hard for Garrison Keillor to give up life in Lake Wobegone and move to Sharon Springs, but thus far he has not answered our letters or returned our calls.

Sharon Springs has beautiful people and above-average children, too, so on to Plan B.

What is a small town village without a small town paper to keep track of what everyone is doing?

Leila Durkin, proprietor of The Village Hall Gallery, is now editor of our own little paper.

Each month you can check back here for a new issue and follow the lives of the real village people. If you pay a real visit, you may even want to submit a story idea of your own!

You may not live in small town, but at least you can pretend.

See below for the April 2013 Issue



Chatter April 2013

by Josh and Brent

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I gotta say, you might be better off w/out Keillor. He isn’t that friendly in real life. Great story teller, tho.


Really cute…and hate to see a bank robbery!!!! My god isn’t anywhere safe from this slop? So sorry for the people involved.

Donna Shaw

I know this is off topic, but I just discovered a new television show last week that is wonderful. Farm Kings on the GAC channel. The King family work seven days a week on their Freedom Farms; 9 boys and one girl and their phenom Mom; their mantra is lead by example. New season just started last Thursday and Josh and Brent, you are going to love it. And maybe your new newspaper can review it.


While I can absolutely see him in Sharon Springs, remember that Lake Woebegone is imaginary, and Sharon Springs is the real deal. I am a big fan of both Prairie Home Companion and of the Fabulous Beekman Boys.

Kate's Daughter

Garrison Keillor? I’ll be dangerously honest and say I must be the only “non-fan” in the country. Sharon Springs doesn’t need him! There are enough unique and wonderful individuals there without doing an import. 😉 Love the paper! Thanks for the read.