A House in Rhinebeck

Before artist Lisa Camp and her husband renovated their 160 year-old farmhouse in Rhinebeck, a small village in the Hudson Valley in upstate New York, they discovered numerous surprises – some delightful, some not. A snake nest in one of the upstairs bedrooms and a raccoon’s den in the attic were among the unfortunate finds – as was a list of repairs longer than the average measuring tape! On the upside, quirky treasures such an old class ring, an original Doors album from 1968 (still in its packaging) and a child’s name carved into the one of the window frames gave the house a happy spirit.

Looking at these beautiful photographs below, it is difficult to believe that the house was in shambles when the couple purchased it in 1999. Only four families in its century-and-a-half history have called the address home and its current residents have achieved the perfect balance of comfort and style by bringing a youthful energy to the place without compromising its architecture. Bright rooms are kept that way through the use of light neutrals and uplifting hits of colour. A balance of modern and traditional elements keeps the spaces vital and prevents them from slipping into stuffy-farmhouse territory. Enjoy this little tour of their home!


Photos by Jamie Beck. You can see more photos here. The home was originally profiled in issue five of Rue magazine.


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Gorgeous! Would really LOVE to know more abut the the flooring surrounding the “5” staircase! Is it painted wood? Marble? Pease share. 🙂


Very beautiful! I had a hard time getting past the snake nest in the bedroom comment. Eeek!


Love that last picture with the plants. I did not miss the use of the baking sheet under the big fat potted plant. I’m filing that away in my mental garden rolodex. It’s unique and resourceful.

Debbie Hulles

Just beautiful…just a suggestion…please enlarge your font on your blog…thanks from Toledo.

Liz H.

I can feel the warmth and love that went into the restoration of that house (from the beautiful floorboards to the ceiling)!


We are beginning a major renovation on our upstate NY farmhouse (circa 1860) this week… with all the excitement and disruption that brings. Thanks for a little morning inspiration. Now to go get grubby…

MelissaKlein Johnson

Simply stunning,I so much miss being not there,I was born in NY and miss the style and grace/ sophistication and the very talented people,My Dad was a ladies garment manufacture of women s coats perhaps you have heard of him CK.”KLEIN COAT” 500 7th ave of course it was a long time ago but the fashion now is what it was.Our home on the Island was stunning and on the water in Atlantic Beach,it is in Nassau County.The south side of Long Island and you would have loved it my Grandfather had a Dairy Farm in Conn. Loved my chocolate milk.lol! I am trying very hard too make it this summer I would like my husband too see just how peaceful and serine NY can be.Love you guys.