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Our Thanksgiving tradition has always been not to have a tradition. Some years we spend it with family, some years we spend it at friends’ houses, and some years we celebrate on the farm. We have that odd combination of working in agriculture and retail. Which means we’re busiest during the Spring planting season, Summer growing season, Fall harvest season, Holiday shopping season, and Winter birthing season. So, yep. Year round. (And we wouldn’t have it any other way.) But this year we were lucky and got to spend Thanksgiving right here on the farm. Home again, Home again, Jiggedy Jig!

One of the best things about living on a farm is that almost our entire meal came from either our garden or our neighbors’ farms. We grew the vegetables all ourselves, and got the turkey from our friend, Jay Lavery. (The famous Dancing Farmer from Youtube.) We also love to try out new recipes for Thanksgiving. Twists on the traditional. We get our fill of delicious, classic Thanksgiving dishes when we visit others’ houses, so when we’re at home, we get creative.

Before we show our photos of this year’s celebration, we want to let you know how truly thankful we are that you all let us do the work we love to do. We never imagined that we’d be able to support this farm by ourselves, let alone create jobs for so many others. Because our home is one of the oldest and most historic houses in our area, we really consider it our duty to keep it standing and in good shape for the next generation. It’s your help that lets us do that. So even though Thanksgiving is only one day a year, we wake up each morning thankful for what we have and determined to pay it forward.


by Josh and Brent

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Donna Pugsley

I too am thankful for so much in my life, my husband of 51 years who is still my best friend, our children, grandchildren and friends
who we have great relationships with, many blessings. One other thing I am thankful we had the pleasure of attending the dinner at your farm in October with Tiffani, she was so down to earth, you did a fabulous job on this event, every detail was perfect, even the rain did not dampen the fun, forgive the pun. We hope we will be invited to your next event.
Have a great Thanksgiving no matter where you celebrate it.
Peace to you Brent, Josh, Farmer John, Onder and all creatures great and small at the farm.
Be safe, be happy
Donna and Arthur

Loretta Tolva

I’ve gardened most of my life and i’m 80, but I have never heard or seen “watermelon radishes”.Very fascinating! Can’t even imagine the flavor. Radish or watermelon?
Love your stuff and share the love where I can. Waiting for the Bounty Box. ha!
Have a great holiday season.

Samantha Craig

Ok today is my day for finding new stuff Beekman. What a table, now I understand why it was big enough to wrap orders of soap on.
I wonder how many it seats?
The more I read and find, the more I’ll have to see how I can make it to Sharon Springs anytime if the year.
My Thanksgiving has never looked like this, even store bought. All I can say is WOW!!!

Karen Ann Jean Turner

Just finished viewing all your thanksgiving pics. How very blessed you are to have such wonderful friends and family. And I will forever be thankful I discovered beekman1802. Love your products. Season Greetings to you and yours!

Sandy Corben-Smith

I just finished reading, The Bucolic Plague. So happy that you are both doing so well. Really enjoyed the book so much.

Beth Robinson

I am happy that you were able to be home this year. Visiting is nice, but home is so sweet. Thanks for sharing your day with us. My favorite picture was your “outdoor” refrigerator. I do the same in our unheated mud room up here in the Adirondacks. Hope you both get to stop and breathe during the holiday season. Blessings for all good things …

Kathy Krochina

I love to read about what you two are doing and seeing your pictures…thank you so much and love to the two of you. You always have a fan here.

Rosalie Pugliese

Love all your products, love all your pictures. Wishing you the best holiday season ever! Your neighbor Rosalie

Carol Ann Rose-Gagner

Thanks so much for sharing your Thanksgiving celebration. I loved the pictures and the descriptions.
The pumpkin pie recipe is intriguing, I must try it. I have a recipe for Honey Pumpkin Chiffon pie that is delightful.
BTW, I went to high school with Josh’s mom, Jackie. We are FB friends. Me, class of ’59. She, class of ’60? or ’61?

Lori Spaeth

I absolutely love you two. You are on my bucket list to meet you both some day. You should both be so so proud of what you have accomplished and who you both are. You make me laugh, smile. My whole family loves your products. Gods blesses to you both!!!! Say hi to farmer John.


Almost forgot! Made your crab cakes and tarter sauce for our family Thanksgiving in Houston. A home run!!
No leftovers though. 🙁

Bryan Smith

What a wonderful, beautiful, grouping of friends, family and fur-babies! Made several recipes from A Seat At The Table this year…de-licious!

Nancy Pfau

It was the most fabulous day – the food, the conversation, the setting, and most of all the friendship! Love you!

Lynn DiCenzo

Everything looked so good just wanted to say Onder needs a dog table to raise his food bowl it lreally is better for his digestion…think about it ….just love Onder he is so beautiful…we use to have a yellow lab but she is at rainbow bridge now….it really helped her with her digestion….check it out..love you both Lynn

Polly DeGol

Everything looks wonderful and the table cloth is beautiful. Love the picture over the mantle too! It’s wonderful that you are able to do the things you love and share it with the rest of us.
Happy Thanksgiving!


Thoughtful of both you, Josh, and Brent to say thanks to all of us , and share your holiday. Im enjoying many of your products, so, THANK YOU! May you both continue to wake up each morning and thank God for what He has provided. Happy thanksgiving, love your pics and your home!


May I ask – what exactly is braised turkey? Your Thanksgiving celebration looks delightful – good food; good friends; and each other. Thank you for sharing your holiday with us!