Of all the projects that we work on at Beekman 1802, nothing is more exciting or more rewarding to us than the Mortgage Lifter Project. With your help, we have started the Farm-to-Shelf revolution—figuring out ways to support small farms so that they can find their way to the grocery store shelf.


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Please join us in congratulating the recipients of the second annual Beekman 1802 Mortgage Lifter Lifts! (Read more about them at their profile links below)


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$15,000 Mortgage Lifter Lift: Prairie Heritage Farm in Power, MT

$1049 Mini-Mortgage Lifter Lift #1: Free Grass Union Farm in Free Union, VA

$1049 Mini-Mortgage Lifter Lift #2: Windy Hill Farm in Comanche, TX

$1049 Mini-Mortgage Lifter Lift #3: Maple Hill Farm in Ladysmith, WI

$1049 Mini-Mortgage Lifter Lift #4: Windy Hill Goat Farm in Cherry Valley, NY


We look forward to seeing them all GROW! We’d like to say how much we admired ALL of the hard work demonstrated by every nominee this year.  We hope next year we’re able to give even bigger “Lifts” to even more farms, and encourage this year’s entrants to read the other profiles and learn from one another and to re-apply this year. There were many worthy candidates.

We thank each of our judges for helping us identify farms that have the potential to be leaders, innovators and an inspiration to other small farms around the world

And most importantly, we thank ALL OF YOU for supporting the Mortgage Lifter Project with every jar of sauce you buy.

What our esteemed panel of judges had to say about Prairie Heritage Farm:


“Demonstrates initiative and success in building a year-round diversified, organic heritage grain and seed farm operation that is researching and preserving ancient, endangered grain varieties adapted to northern US growing conditions and marketing them through an innovative “national CSA” model, and vision in expanding the farm’s production and distribution by proposing unique, appropriately scaled grain-processing infrastructure suitable for replication by other small-scale specialty grain producers across the country to enable their farms’ viability and the availability of heritage grains to consumers.”




“Jacob & Courtney are not only running an organic CSA and livestock farm, but they’re also preserving the genetic diversity of seeds by doing their own field trials to preserve valuable genetics in ancient and heirloom grains that would otherwise be threatened by our industrial agriculture system and marketing those seeds to other farmers nationally. Their grain CSA offers high-quality, unique staple crops like wheat, barley, and legumes, as well as fresh, stone-ground flour, and in a state like Montana, where large-scale, conventional grain production rules, this is revolutionary! Their prize money would be put to the equipment that would enable them, and others through them, to have access to clean, heirloom seeds that are free from GMOs and corporate control. They describe themselves as educators first and farmers second, and this is hugely important.”


and a special word from last year’s Big Lift winners at Climbing Tree Farm in New Lebanon, NY


“Praire Heritage looks beautiful and wonderful! This has been a good (busy!) year for us, filled with lots of changes- some of which were possible because we were awarded a Mortgage Lifter. We were able to buy a used truck, a wooden shed, which we now use as a brooder for poultry, some electronet fencing, and some breeding stock with our prize. It helped so much! The day we won our Mortgage Lifter it was rainy and our dirt road was sloppy and muddy. When we got the good news we jumped and screamed and splashed in the mud in the middle of the road. The mud came nearly up to our two year olds knees. It’s a memory that will last in our family. We hope this prize allows Prairie Heritage to make improvements to [their] farm, but also that it shows you how valuable your work is, and that it helps your family make some good memories.”

**Please help us Kick-Start next year’s fund by picking up more Mortgage Lifter Sauces today at Beekman 1802 . As always, 25% of the profits of each jar go into the Lift Awards.

by Josh and Brent

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Dr. Brent

Hi, Francesca. Thanks for your kind words. We are definitely not heroes. We’re merely trying to do our little part

Mary Snow

I live in Virginia and so happy that a farm in my state was a winner! Congratulations Jacob and Courtney!