Kidding has begun in earnest! (Is that sentence an oxymoron?)

We’ll be updating this page almost daily to record every single new birth at Beekman 1802 Farm this year. Kidding season lasts from February till May, with a few breaks in between for Farmer John to catch his breath.

For those who may not be familiar with how John expertly manages his herd, he selects two or three bucks to breed most of the 120+ does from September to November. Then the does get a nice winter maternity break when they can all relax and enjoy their pregnancy in the warm comfort of the barn, without being milked. Although this means we can’t produce our famous Blaak Cheese or other milk products during the winter months, this period of collective rest improves their health, (and John’s too!) as well as the quality of the milk.

Then, beginning in mid-February, all heck breaks loose. We expect over 200 kids this year. When the kids begin arriving, not only do they need to be bottle fed, but the mothers begin milking again as well. This is Farmer John’s busiest season. He also rises in the middle of the (short) night to check on any births in progress.

Of course we can’t keep all of the kids. Farmer John is selective in his choices, deciding which female kids to keep based on whose mothers produced the most milk the previous year (as well as other factors.) The males and remaining females get sold, generally to other farmers and those looking for pets. If you’re interested in purchasing a kid from Farmer John, send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll forward your message to him.

Enjoy the photos of this year’s kids! (You’ll notice that the names of the female kids all begin with the first initial of their mother’s name. That’s to help John keep track of lineage.)

by Josh and Brent

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It is evident that Farmer John loves his goats and they love him! What a great guy!!

Cathy Gallagher

LOVE ALL your kids!! To change the subject, Brent, glad you read ‘Unbroken’. Has to be one of my all time favorite books, painful to read at times but so uplifting that someone can survive after enduring so much pain and suffering.

Monica H

Was excited to see you have a goat named Monica…..should have named my son Morty instead of Jacob!

Linda Peterson

I would never be able to chose who is “cutest”. Everyone is adorable!

Beth Spraggs

they are all so adorable….. how can you part with any of them?? Great job, Farmer John !!!!

Dawn Connell

What a wonderful picture to see. The beautiful baby goat Shayla. Today is my Shayla’s birthday. Brent & Josh you both met her in San Diego while on your book tour. Brent she was very inspired by your words of encouragement to follow her dream to be a Doctor Sports Medicine. Thank you for being who you are.


You can just see the love Farmer John has for these babies, and the love they have in return for him. Thanks for the pictures. One new baby has my name.


When will you be announcing the winners of the goat naming contests (f, d, and a). Has Farmer John decided yet?