**Please help us Kick-Start next year’s fund by picking up more Mortgage Lifter Sauces today**

Please join us in congratulating the first recipients of the Beekman 1802 Mortgage Lifter Lifts! (Read more about them at their profile links below)

$10,000 Mortgage Lifter Lift: Climbing Tree Farm in New Lebanon, NY

$1088 Mini-Mortgage Lifter Lift #1: Greyrock Farm in Cazenovia, NY

$1088 Mini-Mortgage Lifter Lift #2: Babe & Sage Farm in Gordon, Georgia

$1088 Mini-Mortgage Lifter Lift #3: Mud Lake Farm in Hudsonville, MI

We look forward to seeing them all GROW! We’d like to say how much we admired ALL of the hard work demonstrated by every nominee this year.  We hope next year we’re able to give even bigger “Lifts” to even more farms, and encourage this year’s entrants to re-apply this year. There were many worthy candidates.

We thank each of our judges for helping us identify farms that have the potential to be leaders, innovators and an inspiration to other small farms around the world

And most importantly, we thank ALL OF YOU for supporting the Mortgage Lifter Project with every jar of sauce you buy

Here are what our esteemed panel of judges had to say about Climbing Tree Farm:

Susan Littlefield, Mortgage Lifter judge

“…a perfect example of what makes this country strong!  Working from the ground up helping not only your family but so many! I see you as a great resource for so many that want to get started in agriculture but are unsure how.”

Jennifer Fahy, Mortgage Lifter judge

Climbing Tree Farm, New Lebanon, NY: This is just a great new farmer story:

We moved here with three off farm jobs, no barn, no tractor, no permanent fencing, a gutted house, 500 chickens, 12 sheep, a 10 day old baby, and a couple of thousand dollars in our pockets. Two and a half years later, using only hard work, the encouragement and appreciation of our community, creativity, and an insane “picking yourself up by the bootstraps” mentality, we now live off the income our farm produces, and have incredible food to share with our community, butcher shops, and restaurants.”

I love the cooperation and community they’re building around their farm:

“We grow a pig garden, and work with a grass-fed dairy, cheese maker, breweries, vegetable farmers, and orchards to provide our animals a healthy, varied diet. We share a cooperative meat CSA with our neighbor and friend, which we distribute through two vegetable CSAs and two farmers markets.”

Robert Lewis, Mortgage Lifter judge

Climbing Tree Farm demonstrates persistence and commitment to bootstrapping a diversified, forage-based poultry, lamb and pork farm operation using old-world husbandry to enhance the land, reduce dependency on imported grain, and produce high quality meat with exceptional flavor and culinary characteristics.

**Please help us Kick-Start next year’s fund by picking up more Mortgage Lifter Sauces today**

by Josh and Brent

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Lucie Pecor

I have loved you guys from the start!! What an amazing couple you are and generous too. xo

cynthia DuMond

You guys are all awesome,Beekman boys,good on you. Farmers admire your hard work


Awesome!! Congratulations to the winners, and thank you Josh and Brent for helping all of us to eat healthy, safe food!

Beverly Nan Murphy

That wondrous trio says so much. Cooperation, love, DIY’s and training a new farmer to do it all again. Bravo and Godspeed, dearhearts. So proud.