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As many of you may remember, over the last month we had a little “bicker-ment” (that’s like an argument, but much much tinier with no hurt feelings) about who was the most romantic. Which led to a “Romantical Duel.” (Yes, we know that’s not a word.) Which led to some tremendous breakfasts, treats, and writings. We thought Valentines Day would be the perfect day for us to settle the score once and for all.

Now before you start lecturing us…this is all in good fun. Neither one of us is going to stomp off and sleep in the guest bedroom tonight. (Unless, of course, the other one eats a bushel of garlic chased by an entire head of cabbage.)

And now to reveal who was behind which romantical parry. (that’s a fancy duel term, for those who don’t duel on the weekends):

Josh created:

Heart Shaped Egg Bacon Cheese Sandwich

“Heart Attack Breakfast Biscuits”

Maraschino Cherry Sandwich cookie

Cherry Kisses Sandwich Cookies

It wasn't much of a view. But it was ours.

Leaving NYC with Brent


Brent created:

Red Hot Cinnamon Roll Recipe

Red Hot Lovin’ Cinnamon Rolls

Homemade Fruit Rollups with Love Notes

Love Note Fruit RollUps with Booze


“You Should Read Poetry in Bed” Poem

So….who do you think holds the Romantical title? (Until next year…) Vote:

by Josh and Brent

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I vote for Brent. Anyone who includes booze AND a poem is the romantic in my book. Love to you both!

Christie Hufstedler Boyd

I think you are both winners! My husband had surgery on Monday so I took him Valentine shopping today since he still can’t drive. I got a hydrangea to plant in the yard. I love roses but to pay the jacked up prices they charge at Valentine’s Day for them is not the way to my heart.

I am making the Cherry Kisses Sandwich Cookies right now for my hubby. Thanks for the recipe, Josh!


I loved the fruit roll ups and poem, Brent… but then I told my sweetheart about Josh’s story of leaving NYC and was astonished to find myself flat out crying… for all my friends who headed to NYC because they could not be themselves in their hometowns… for all that has changed and gotten better… and for all the miles we still have to go as a society…

And especially for Josh’s most personal tribute to his love.

Josh got my vote, then… but doesn’t that make you the winner, Brent?


This is a difficult choice, Josh you are the most romantical to Brent, and Brent the most romantical to Josh. How does one choose, I can’t do it. Each in your own way you win. I had to vote tie.


It’s close, gentlemen — so very close. But Brent had me at “You Should Read Poetry In Bed.” So unexpected, so deep and well, gorgeous. What a magnificent couple you are. Being together full time must be the best Valentine’s gift of all!


it is hard to vote who is more romantic between the two of you. each one has a style of their own and expresses their love like how it should be expressed. I vote for a TIE. Take care and happy valentine’s day.

Ivonne Clarke

Well I allways go with the Booze anytime but leaving NY is verry good I know you guys wont be happy with a tie so that heart attack breakfast biscuits did it for me so Josh you are my winer just put a mimosa on the side next time. Love you both,” Happy Valentines”.

Jennifer Berglund

You guys know Brent will never be able to live with a tie (not knowing if he won or not) buckle down and decide, there is always next year to regain the title. Let there be a winner to bask in the glory (they wouldnt have started the duel if they wanted a tie). Love you both Josh & Brent


Josh stole my heart and brought tears to my eyes with his “Leaving New York” so I easily say that Josh wins the title:) However I find both of you equally romantic and very deeply in love.

Delia D.

Bill & I bicker constantly. He’s an Italian American retired lawyer who can take the opposite side to any debate & speak his mind eloquently. I’m an Irish American retired government worker, and stubborn. Your bickering is very healthy. Bickering is like a valve that lets off a little steam every day, so nothing festers into a boiling rage. Keep up the bickering. You two never get truly mean on your reality show. So I guess you never get truly mean in “rel” life? We love the both of you. Thank you for presenting yourselves to the world, and having us all along on your ride. Keep up the bickering, and, of course, the LOVE..

Kerry Kassinger

I’m with the majority here . . . a tie it is !!! You are BOTH winners !!!
You guys are both equally romantical but with different styles.
I Love You guys, and am PROUD to be a Beekman Boy.
Will you both be mine and Scotty’s Valentine too?

Dorothy Hayes

It is impossible to choose. Love is shown in many different ways. Most important is that you both show love to one another. I vote both are the most romantical.

Diane Svatek

Today marks the 7th anniversary of my husband’s skiing accident that left him paralyzed and in a wheelchair. I love your examples of how to keep romance in the air, and find that he and I prefer to keep the “happy” in Happy Valentine’s Day. Our “new normal” life is full of blessings and miracles. Blessings to you. I voted your contest a tie.


It was hard to choose one over the other. We are vegetarians so I like the fruit rollups more (especially with the love notes) but I felt the heartache both of you went through being apart and having to make that decision. And the fact that you both want to do for the other. Lovely. It was a tie, which is ok to have in a partnership <3


You both are equally romantic but Brent won with his poetry. You are both hearts in my book! Have a wonderfully romantic day.

Darlene Dunstan

I total agree, I can not pick one over the other. You two are so loving, I just pray for your hapiness. God bless you both and everything tou do.

Bev Nan Murphy

It’s a “neck ‘n neck ” tie. You are both adorable and wish you gave lessons to
some gentlemen I know. XX


It’s a tie for me! While you each have a very different romantic style, each is VERY romantic in their own way. For Josh, I feel like it’s about the visuals…how it looks……..the perfect image…..while for Brent, I would say it’s about the experience , taking the bite, listening to the poetry. You both rock.


It’s hard to vote one over the other, since yours is a true partnership…I keep thinking of Brent’s recreation of their first date…ten years after the fact…and Josh’s willingness to stay in NYC to make sure they kept their farm, all because of the love. Happy Valentine’s Day guys! If more people celebrated love like you do (even the bickerments),we’d all be in better shape :o) Kisses to Farmer John as well.

Suzanne Koba

So many of us are learning simple, easy ways to express our love for spouses, family and friends. Thank you, thank you. <3