Usually, after every festival, we post our own photo recap of the event. But for this year’s Harvest Festival we asked for you all to submit your blog and photos. We tried to include all the photos you pasted to our Facebook page, but please forgive us if we couldn’t get all of them to download, upload, or reload. But thank you for letting us freeload your mother lode of great photos! Before we get to the shots, here are some awesome blogs and personal photo galleries about 2013’s Sharon Springs Harvest Festival:

New York House Photo Gallery

New York State Festivals Blog

Ken Newman’s Harvest Festival Photos

Ken Newman’s Farm Tour Photos


Katie Simmons-Barth’s Photos

The Dancing Bear Farm Blog

Sprout and Blossom Wellness Blog

Nicole’s Life Adventures

Skelly Chic

If we missed your blog or photo gallery…please post a link in the comment section below. We’d all love to see!



Start planning for next year! 

The dates for the 2014 Harvest Festival are Sept 20 and 21


by Josh and Brent

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Bonny Andrilla

First Festival for hubby and I. Bought farm tour tickets for him for his birthday which we really enjoyed, especially the presentation by Moose and meeting Farmer John. What a personable guy. Bought cheese and jam at the Mercantile, but missed meeting you. Returned this week to the Mercantile to buy more cheese. You and your cheese are first class and we love both (all) of you. Keep up the good work for the area and the folks of Sharon. We are only 20 miles from Sharon (in St Johnsville) so we’ll be back next year. Hope to see you then……

Elise Flynn

When I was at the store I had wanted to get a Mr. Goat t-shirt but forgot to grab it!!! I won’t be there again until the next Harvest Fest so I was hoping to get it online but it is not here. How can I get one?!? I NEED ONE NOW!!! <3

Dr. Brent

Hi, Elise. We sold out at Harvest Fest and more are being made right now. We should have them in the online Mercantile within the next 2 weeks

Elise Flynn

Pheew! That’s a relief!!! I’ll look for it thank you and good luck making it to the Super Bowl! I’m routing for you guys. <3

Howard & Ursula Anderson

We saw your program at our daughter Jessie’s house. We do not have cable etc. While we were watching with her we grew to like you both. We did watch you on the Amazing Race (it was the first time EVER that we planned to be home to watch a tv program) and grew to love both of you because of your humanity, decency, kindness & all around niceness. When you won we cheered in our living room & the neighbors came running at the noise to make sure we were ok. I helped Jessie with her trip this fall by reserving hotels for them as they travelled. When she texted me that she was at the harvest festival I asked that she get me your autograph (never really expected her too, thought she had already left). What a suprise we got when she & Danny gave us your book that you had so kindly autographed for her when she went back to see you the next day. Thank you very much.
We cannot come to the Harvest Festival in 2014 because we will be travelling route 66 (all of it). We will came in 2015; bur also drive on over to Sharon Springs before you go just to see the town & Beekman without crowds. Best Regards, Ursula & Howard Anderson


We are confident you will. When we were reading Joshs’ book we were totally saddened when we got near the end & it looked like you might lose everything, especially each other. We are ecstatic that the ending to your story turned out to be happily ever after instead. As long as you have each other, you have everything.

kai klemm

Hi Josh and Brent,

Each year we meet at Micelles Christmas party and we invite you to come over to our “farm.”

And, you agree! But then nothing happens.

You might enjoy seeing one of the most beautiful places in Schoharie/Sharon and having some chilled white on our porch.

Kai and Bonita Klemm

Ramona Surprenant

We will SOOOOOOOO be there again!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX Mary, Jack, Ramona, and Paul Surprenant


Thank you for posting a few of my photos! I enjoyed looking at all that were posted here – great memories! Congratulations on another successful Harvet Fest – it is one of the most anticipated events of the year for me!


Thank you for posting the pics. Loved them! Not only do I love the pictures but it looks like a place I would love to live. So peaceful.


My friend and I had a fabulous and amazing time. We wouldn’t miss it. You signed my books and I forgot to tell you……I am voting for you everyday so that you make it to the Super Bowl! Time to vote!

Susan B

Josh and Brent! We loved the Harvest Festival this year; it was our first and we are definitely coming back. You guys are so awesome! My sister has lived in Sharon Springs forever, and compared to visits from the past; I am so impressed at how you have breathed life back into the town and brought the community together with your earnest efforts in creating wonderful farm products from the region. I could not believe how approachable and “real” you were with all of the people at the festival. It was obvious how you truly have a passion for what you do and how much you care for the Sharon natives as well as each other! My son and his partner in Seattle cannot wait to see you when you visit at the Sonoma store next month. He is the proud recipient of your cheese and a signed dessert book! I am so going to brag on you guys at my job at the hospital-we have so many foodies in Richmond!
Again, thanks for all that you do-I love you guys! Susan

Laurel Pregon

We had a really wonderful time. The house ( i have a thing for old houses since i was a little girl) and town people were great. we will see you next year !!!!!!!!!!

Michael Allen

Thanks for posting my panoramic shot from Wedding Hill! Would you please add a credit for me? My name is Michael Allen. Thanks!

Jennifer Berglund

This year was a blast as well, alreadycounting down til next year. Thanks for making my “son” photo #45 ! My whole family are beekgeeks from way back, keep up the great work guys. Time to get started on trying my Beekman heirloom deserts 🙂

Jennifer F.

What a FABULOUS weekend! This was our first time at the Festival and we were overwhelmed with the friendliness of everyone we met. The food was incredible and it was great to see such a big crowd enjoying it all. We will most definitely be making the trip next year! My sister-in-law and I have a new greeting when we chat or email… we simply sign off saying “Polka Spot”!! So until next Harvest Festival…Polka Spot!


Oh, it looks wonderful. Next year, I WILL BE THERE! I will not feel the “daughterly” need to attend my father’s retirement party! Next year, it’s all about me and Sharon Springs!

Patrick Littel

I drove up Friday night for the festival on Saturday.
Great vendors, and terrific local shops! I bought some really nice antique kitchen utensils, a beautiful cake plate, had lunch at the American Hotel (Garth was a warm and gracious host) and had an wonderful day.
Oh, and of course, bought two Beekman mugs for a birthday gift, and brought home maple candies and honey from one of your local farms.
It so wonderful to see the town come alive for this event. Kudos to ALL who helped make the Fall Festival such a success.
My best to both of you to commiting to a small town and helping its economy grow.


What a great collection of photographs. It was a really great weekend. Dan and I enjoyed it so much. Seeing all of the friends we have made the past few years was the best part. See you all again next year. – Chad