Kidding has begun in earnest! (Is that sentence an oxymoron?)

We’ll be updating this page daily to record every single new birth at Beekman 1802 Farm this year. Kidding season lasts from February till May, with a few breaks in between for Farmer John to catch his breath.

For those who may not be familiar with how John expertly manages his herd, he selects two or three bucks to breed most of the 120+ does from September to November. Then the does get a nice winter maternity break when they can all relax and enjoy their pregnancy in the warm comfort of the barn, without being milked. Although this means we can’t produce cheese or other products during the winter months, this period of collective rest improves their health, (and John’s too!) as well as the quality of the milk.

Then, beginning in mid-February, all heck breaks loose. We expect over 250 kids this year. When the kids begin arriving, not only do they need to be bottle fed, but the mothers begin milking again as well. This is Farmer John’s busiest season. He also rises in the middle of the (short) night to check on any births in progress.

Of course we can’t keep all of the kids. Farmer John is selective in his choices, deciding which female kids to keep based on whose mothers produced the most milk the previous year (as well as other factors.) The males and remaining females get sold, generally to other farmers and those looking for pets. If you’re interested in purchasing a kid from Farmer John, send us an email at and we’ll forward your message to him.

Enjoy the photos of this year’s kids! (You’ll notice that the names of the female kids all begin with the first initial of their mother’s name. That’s to help John keep track of lineage.)


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  • By: N.D.

    Your goats are adorable and I love your products. But I have a question about the goats that you sell. What kinds of farms do you sell them to? Do they get to live out their lives wherever they go or do some go to slaughter? Thank you.

  • By: D. Coss

    “S” name would be SEREDY, pronounced charidy in Hungarian

  • By: Julie R.

    I love the variety in coloring that is so unique to each kid. Just beautiful…and what a hand…I mean…armful they are! Amazing…good work!

  • By: Gina

    The baby goats never cease too make me smile 🙂

  • By: Nancy

    Faintly is the most adorable goat I’ve ever seen! Thanks for the update!

  • By: Marci

    OMG – you have to do this again?!?!? Just kidding 😉

  • By: Michele

    Love all the kids. How do you decide which ones you will keep.

  • By: Ken Newman

    Cossyuna Godiva Adam… look at those ears, if ever there was a Snoopy(ian), he’s it.

  • By: Beth

    Best remedy for a bad mood…look at baby goats. They are so precious!

  • By: Candy Wilkinson

    I am so pleased that a friend of mine put this on Facebook and I am able to reconnect with the Bleekman Boys!! I used to watch you on TV and loved the soap and cheese that you made, and then you just weren’t there anymore. I will keep track of your blog. Thanks so much!!

  • By: Judy Giordano

    Hi did you ever hear of fainting goats. My granddaughters friend has them. When they get scared they faint. I didn’t believe it until I saw a video.

  • By: Sean from Dorloo


    Delphium+Zez = Dez 🙂
    boy or girl? you said the females are aliterated, boys too?
    in that case, Zez’s son could be a ‘Zed’

  • By: Dolores Richardone

    I can’t even begin to tell you how enjoyable it is to look at those baby pictures! Love them all! How many goats can your operation support? That’s a lot of cheese! XOXO

  • By: kirsten


  • By: Jenn B.

    As a former (way former) “Ohio Dairy Goat Association Youth Queen” and Toggenburg / Nubian breeder, I have so appreciated and enjoyed watching the births of these kids. I truly miss raising goats and hope to restart a herd one day. (Maybe with the help of the Beekman kids!)

    PS – if you have any goats with a Z name – might I suggest the name “Zhora”? (It’s my daughter’s name and she would LOVE having a goat named after her!) Keep up the great work John, Brent, Josh and crew.

  • By: Cathy Gallagher

    I hope you are very selective and thorough when selling this adorable kids. They need to go to people with good intentions and will be loved.

  • By: Fiona

    Benji is possibly the cutest thing I’ve seen this year. Sorry Faintly. Although Farmer John trying to hold 3 kids at once is right up there too. Congratulations to all the new parents!

  • By: Sonja Norman

    One you keep all your goats or sell some to farmers?
    Either way the kids are just too cute.

  • By: jeffery wood

    i was just woundering how much do u sell your baby goats brother and his wife met u guys in cobelskill and had a picture tanken and he told u about me raisen goats my self and we were looking to purching some baby goats off u guys. thank you.

  • By: Vitta Fernandez

    Farmer John, you are amazing! The love and care that you have for your kids shows in your face! Happy kidding.

  • By: Judith D'Amico

    Does Josh ever get to name any of the new Babies ? Does he remember the different breeds still ?

  • By: Jane

    I love Benji. Are there more babies on the way?

  • By: Ben from Calgary

    So… Question… Is there a difference in the kids with the floppy ears and the erect ears? Just curious if this signified anything in particular. Thanks!!

    • By: Dr. Brent

      Hi, Ben. The Alpine varieties have ears that stand up while the Nubians have hanging ears. Evolutionarily this protected their ears from the flying sands of the African deserts

  • By: Nancy

    Benji is absolutely adorable. She and faintly may have to their own show.

  • By: Cathy Gallagher

    Once again..ALL adorable. I wish I could have goats..but Iam quite sure Pasadena does not allow them ;^)

  • By: Nancy

    I think the spotted ones need to be kept as their own little flock–of course under Polkie’s watchful eye–she is the matriarch of all things spotted

  • By: Kate's Daughter

    How sweet is little spotted Benji?! Faintly and Benji… are they going to stay on the farm, do you know?

  • By: Carrie

    I LOVE Benji!!!!! I used to raise Nubian goats, and I just love pics of when they are babies. Thank you so much for sharing all you baby goat pics, I just love them! I totally have enjoyed seeing the pics of Faintly too!!!!

  • By: Anna

    Why do I love Shine and Shane? Good thing I don’t have acreage……

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