(Photos courtesy of Ian Siegel)

When the town of Sharon Springs held its first Harvest Festival four years ago, we had no idea that it would become an event that drew thousands of folks from around the world. This year’s festival included visitors from as far away as Australia and Norway. We think what makes the festival so memorable is the attitude of those that host and attend. It’s a slice of real America, and a simple celebration of farmers and artisans.

We had a record-breaking turnout for this year’s festival. The weather was as bright and sunny as the smiles on people’s faces. We thought we’d share a few photos of the day for those who couldn’t make it.

See you all next year!


by Josh Kilmer-Purcell

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Beautiful pictures! Unfortunately I too had to miss the festival this year. I enjoy this festival. There are so many wonderful items to buy and food to taste! See you in the fall.

Linda Schnell- Leonardi

I had a great time, and already asked for my vacation days off for the 2013 events! This a a MUST attend weekend.


I’m sorry I didn’t know about it, looks like it was absolutely wonderful. When is next year’s so I can make plans?

Chaddan Farms

WOW! I love that pic of the bushel baskets all filled with fresh Veggies. When Danny and I got to that booth they had all been sold, only empty baskets!! Great for them, sad for us!! We are looking forward to next year’s Harvest Festival, planning now!!


Sharon Springs Harvest Festival is on our vacation wish list. My husband and I will be making our first trip to New York in February and staying with dear friends in New Berlin. It won’t be Fall, however, Sharon Springs is on the agenda. Hope to meet you at the mercantile. Happy Fall y’all!


You have no idea how bad I wish I could go to that festival!! Would love to call Sharon Springs my home, in fact! And speaking of Sharon Springs, I think they should call it Beekman Springs!

Diana Binkowski

I had one of those 1802 Wraps….wow, delicious. I was down there for 2 days and saw new things on the second day that I missed the first day. Of course, I only had to get there from up on top of the hill…It was a great time and I’ll be back again.

Kim "Beekman" Bilbrough Chandler

Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos! I hope to get there next year and have as beautiful weather as it looked like you had this year! I am a Beekman by heritage (my mom’s maiden name) and can’t tell you how much seeing the Beekman boys name makes smile and think of my departed grandparents and their apple and peach orchard in PA! You both are such a hoot! Keep up the great things you are doing!!!

Lori T

Sadly, I had to miss it this year. I had just had surgery. I was lucky to get to this last year and a farm tour. Can’t wait for next year! Are you having the Victorian festival during the holidays this year? Would love to get there and experience it.

Patricia Benassi

Josh and Brent, I loved meeting you both face to face, finally..My husband and I used to live in Greenville on Mackey Road.. We now live on the river by the Erie Canal in Waterford, NY.. You should check out our festivals we have every year here. The Canalfest in May.. Steamboat rally in July and the tugboat Roundup inSept.. We have venders, music, food, boat rides, and fireworks at the end of the night. They go on all weekend.. Bring your recipes and such and set up a booth.. We really think you would love it.. Search: Waterford, NY or Waterford Visitors Center to get all of the info for next year..This is a great little Village to visit and to relax and watch the boats go up and down the river and thru the locks and I can brag about both of you while you’re here..The more friends the merrier…Love to you both. Patricia Benassi( my friends call me Patty) but you can call me whatever you want..I’ve been on CLOUD 9 since I met both of you..It’s been a long time that I’ve had anything much to keep my mind off of my condition and treatments..My husband is so happy that I’m smiling again and looking forward to your shows every week..I can’t wait to see your farm and all of the animals and your beautiful property..I have 2 reasons to keep my smile on my face. They are Josh and Brent..Good night guys..

Carol Maguire

This was our first Harvest Festival and it was wonderful beyond my expectations. The first surprise was hearing my husband say hello to Brent on the Beekman 1802 porch early on Saturday morning! I was able to spin around and gush and babble (luckily without a lot of folks around to see) and meet a very warm and friendly Brent! I came back and met Josh, too! They’re amazing…and little did I know, they stayed on the porch all day long both days and made everyone who passed by feel like they were warmly welcomed to the village!
I think I might have gone up those steps enough to be on a stalker list in the Village!

Thank you Josh and Brent. We loved it all and even got snubbed by Polka Spot! It doesn’t get better than that!

Terry Kerekgyarto

Great pictures. I think they captured the real feel of the festival. Looking forward to next year’s event.

Ed, Heidi & Kait McNamara ;D

May God continue to bless this little village of Sharon Springs, NY and her people!


Love love love the photos posted here. Captured the spirit of Harvest Fest. I agree, if you couldn’t find something, you weren’t looking hard enough. I found too much, lol.

Next year, I know to bring a bigger budget 😉

Ken Newman

Great photos, Ian’s captured the spirit of Harvest Fest. This year was our third ” Fest”. It’s constantly evolving and growing, every year is a truly unique experience. The Harvest Festival has become one of our ” must go ” Fall road trips. Of course we’ll be back and are looking forward to next years Festival with all it’s new sights, tastes and delights. Great job Sharon Springs!