Every Boxing Day (December 26th) we have a Raclette Party at Beekman 1802 Farm to celebrate all of the folks we’ve worked with over the past year.Β  (To read more about our tradition, click here.) This year’s Raclette started roughly the same time a winter storm set in. (Eight inches so far, and still falling.) Luckily, people were able to fill their stomachs with melted cheese before the roads became impassable. Although would being snowed in with good friends, plenty of wine, stacks of firewood and 20 lbs of Beekman Mubock cheese necessarily be a hardship? (Especially since we encourage folks to come in pajamas or sweats, or “apres-holiday wear” as we call it.)

Below are some photos we took of the evening. As usual, once guests began arriving we put down the camera to concentrate on hosting, but you can get a good feel for pre-party Beekman.

What do you do the day after Christmas? Let us know in the comment section below.


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  • By: wendy

    your Christmas windows are exactly how a Christmas window should look.. and I love it – all warm and toasty from the outside and sparkly with candlelight..

  • By: Jane

    I just received my bundt pan that is like Farmer John’s. I had been contemplating buying one. That picture pushed me over the cliff to get one! Now…may I please have the recipe for that spice cake….pretty please with sugar on top! I love spice cake! (Don’t tell me it comes from a box!!!!!)

  • By: Shelby M.

    My family lives in Pennsylvania and every Boxing Day my father hosts a full afternoon tea at his home. Unfortunately, the winter storm “Euclid” prevented us from our tradition this year since we slid on snowy ice and wrecked our car on the way to Grand-pere’s house… somehow the leftover treats were not quite the same the next day, but we were all together and that is something to be thankful for! Happy New Year Beekman Boys!

  • By: Lisa

    By the way, what is the center piece on your table?

  • By: Jane

    Is Farmer John holding a Bundt cake? I have seen a new pan that is shaped like that or is it bread???? Please let me know I am curious. Also of all you fabulous Beekman people, Farmer John is the only one I have not met. I did wave at him twice! I would like to meet him!

      • By: Jane

        Thank you for your response. I am pretty sure I saw that bundt pan in the King Arthur Flour catalogue. It took my eye and now I am going to purchase it! I’ll bet it was good!

  • By: Centralia Heart

    the day after Christmas. We have a wonderful breakfast for Steve’s family before they head back to connecticutt. Some years I make eggs Cooperstown, but this year Steve made eggs goldenrod. We gave his mom (96 years old) her gifts, then everyone left to beat the snowstorm. We have about 12 inches and love it. Centralia

  • By: kdw

    You guys really are fabulous! Can you add house tours to your repertoire? My 14 year old daughter and I would love to tour the house and farm. She keeps asking me how we can score an invite; yes, tv does make us feel like we know you.

    We’d pay to tour or even better, an exclusive tour including dinner and a wheel of cheese! David Lebovitz does Chocolate and Cheese tours in France; I know you could put your spin on a Dinner on Spot at the Beekman. (with Polka Spot of course) Please research this option! Sign us up! (Can you tell I’m an Events Producer?)

  • By: Annie

    Boxing Day is my birthday! We always celebrate with good food, friends and usually a good movie! I’m a big film fest fanatic and we usually try to catch an Oscar contender or indie underdog. Wish we had snow like you did @ the Beekman! Happy New Year!

  • By: Keith Reedy

    YOU have left me feeling like I will never have a boring Christmas again. You inspire me to do more with my life and my family and friends. What a warm and exciting thing to do. Next Year will be different, I have begun to plan my Boxing Day Festivities for next year. And a Wish you and yours a Happy New Year!!

  • By: Cheryl Koflan

    Simply stunning… I would expect nothing less, your home shines within the warm glow that the two of you have given life to and nurtured… this Beekman 1802 bubble you have created and with its inviting shimmer- you allow all of us to be a part of its presence… it is nice to see how lovely your home is on the inside too- you have it decorated so nicely- it is so warm and inviting. How nice that you celebrate with your Sharon Springs family to show your appreciation for them. Glad to see that Josh’s parents were there to share in the good times too. You should put together a coffee table book of all of your fabulous pictures that you share, all are so beautiful, and so welcomed into our homes… Thank you for sharing. Here’s to a very happy and healthy new year 2013! All good wishes today and always…

  • By: Donna

    β€œWinter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.”
    ― Edith Sitwell

  • By: Michele

    Truly Beautiful, I can see all the love that you both have for all that you do.

  • By: Cathy

    Beautiful photos – especially the ones taken through the window. Makes your home and your party look so inviting!

  • By: Susan

    What a fabulous way to spend the day after Christmas! My twin sister and I would so enjoy photographing the festivities! We’re from North Carolina and have talked about traveling north for the holidays so we can enjoy a white Christmas. Your home and farm are beautiful. Love “all things Beekman” and wish you both a very Happy New Year!

  • By: Monica H

    How wonderful! Just loving all of your holiday photos…keep them coming!

  • By: Linda Schnell- Leonardi

    Everything looks just as it should. Cozy, inviting, comfortable. Winter, or summer, I want some of the goatsmilk ice cream, it is delicious!!!

  • By: Corliss. Cogan

    And here I thought no one else celebrated Boxing Day! The most fun is telling your boss you need Boxing Day off because of a long family tradition…the looks are priceless. Haven’t had Raclette for ages…Thanks for the idea. What a great way to hunker down!!! Enjoy! N

  • By: Jessica Dixon

    Thanks for sharing your photos, the place looks beautiful. It is easy to see how relaxed and happy you guys are after your “fabulous-amazing” year.

  • By: Donna

    Very Beautiful Home, Beautifully decorated for the holidays…..and what a wonderful and intimate little gathering with so many delicious things to enjoy…. πŸ˜‰

  • By: terese

    Is it my imagination-or do I see the word “Body” written upside down on the kitchen island in photo #18? Either that, or that little ghost is up to some shenanigans!

  • By: Karen J.

    I think I should be your Boxing Day photographer because I LOVE snow and I am stuck in Florida! A beautiful tradition. Congratulations on your Amazing Race win!

  • By: Isabel ~ Maison Douce

    Looks so cosy and inviting….! I love how relaxed we all feel after Christmas, we usually moap around the house in our pajamas eating leftovers and watching movies!!

  • By: nlforst

    Gorgeous! It looks like you all had a fabulous time, and were quite cozy in your PJ’s.

  • By: Julie Leino Young

    I’m slowly packing away my favorite holiday of the year. Your home is very home-y and quite stunning. Happy New Year!

  • By: nantucketdaffodil

    We RELAX! 2 teachers, 2 kids…always on the run. The day after Christmas we do NOTHING! We enjoy the couch, leftovers, and a reprieve from house cleaning!

    I love your Boxing Day traditions, and wish we were a bit closer! It looks like you were well-prepared!

  • By: Suzanne Koba

    We stay home, no shopping. Had grandkids who came in their p.j.’s so I stayed in mine. Eat leftovers and just relax after a busy Christmas day.

  • By: June

    Beautiful pictures! It looked liked a great party.

  • By: yojudidoll

    Love the photos, looks like a fun time and menu sounds delicious – we spent boxing day at home in our pajamas watching movies with David & Mikey. If you need someone to play photographer next year, I’d be happy to do it! xoxo Merry Christmas

  • By: breida @ breidawithab.com

    ME! I volunteer to be “documentarian” at your next Boxing Day Party. I usually spend the whole day in my pajamas – on my couch – but I would LOVE to spend the day/evening in my pajamas (with my camera in hand) with you Beekman Boys. I’m SO there!
    I don’t even live that far away. . . πŸ™‚

  • By: Sandy Smith

    I am first to volunteer to be your designated photographer next year! I’m our family’s photo documentarian! (is that a word?). I’ll bring goodies from the Pacific Northwest! πŸ™‚

  • By: Grace Papaseraphim

    I know! We love using our fire escape as a freezer during winter parties here in NYC as well! Looks fabulous!

  • By: Teri

    I LOVE how you have some of the lights turned down, makes it more intimate. And the crowd isn’t that big. Very nice!!

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