The hardest working village in America pulled it off once again! For the 2011 Harvest Festival this past weekend, Sharon Springs (population 547) swelled to over 10 times its size…which roughly matches the size of its heart.  Though the weather forecast called for two straight days of rain, we all consulted our Farmers Almanacs and declared the TV weathermen full of goat poo. In fact, not a drop of rain fell, and every cloud disappeared by Sunday morning.

There were visitors from at least 19 states, from Washington, to Arizona, to Florida, to Maine. The “Beek Geeks” and “Sharon Springs Groupies” were back and lovelier than ever. We also met some babies who were still buns in the oven at the 2010 Harvest Fest. And we were thrilled to have the very first Harvest Fest engagement proposal at Saturday’s Harvest Feast. We loved meeting everyone, and for those of you who said you were checking Sharon Springs off your Bucket List we hope you don’t kick it for a long time, because we want to see you again and again. Thank you to all who came, and to all who followed along on Twitter and Facebook. Share your memories in the comment section below.

P.S.  If you’re thinking of visiting Sharon Springs any time this week, please don’t honk your horns. Most of us are napping.

Click on any of the photos below to begin a slideshow of the weekend. (Thank you Ian Siegel for taking these wonderful photos.)

by Josh and Brent

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OK, I live in D'burg, and I did not know about this or you. Good think that I had signed up for Martha's Facebook updates, and read her blog from time to time, otherwise I might have never known!!!

This is going to be on my "must" list for next year!