This is my favorite time of year in Sharon Springs! (Ok, I know I say that every season.) The 2nd annual Garden Party that occurred over Memorial Day weekend marked the beginning of the summer season in Sharon Springs. The village has a long tradition as a summer destination – at the turn of the 20th century over 10,000 people swarmed the streets, grand hotels, and bathhouses each summer. We might have a few fewer now, but the 2000 folks who came to the 2011 Garden Party were certainly no less enthusiastic. Or playful!

In addition to the great vendors, busy restaurants, wonderful entertainment, and interesting lectures, the Beekman Farm hosted about 350 people on tours over the weekend. For those who weren’t able to make it up to Sharon Springs to visit, here is a photo show of the weekend’s events. These great shots were taken by our friends Skip and Abel as they toured the weekend’s festivities. Click on any photo to begin the slideshow.


by Josh Kilmer-Purcell

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Wonderful pictures. Thank you, love the way you include everyone that could not attend.
You guys are the best!! Love to you both.

Vitta Fernandez

Love all the pictures! Josh was born in Ravena? We live in New Baltimore, NY…just a 2 minute drive to Ravena! Small world, I think. Can’t wait for this year’s Garden Party and meet everyone.


Great pictures! I will be there for the next party…..once again! I don’t miss a Sharon Springs festival without good reason!


I am going into" beekman boys "withdrawal, the only cure is for more wonderful episodes of your life on the farm. Help I'm nauseated, lightheaded and hands are shaking…please comeback. I miss you, everyone misses you. You stole our hearts from day one.

Sue Wimble

Brent and Josh, These photos would make a nice book to dedicate to Skip. When these pictures were first posted, I asked Skip if he was going to make a coffee table book because they are such a gorgeous collection. It sounded like he wanted to do something, maybe he already made something just for you two. Just a thought.

CJ de Armas

My partner Patrick read your book The Bucolic Plague, wrote to you and got a reply which I never thought he would get so I devoured the book in 2 days and have identified tremmendously with you to the point that I was brokenhearted when you had relationship problems. So glad that you worked it out and are together!!!So glad that you have made The Beekman Farm a success! I thoroughly enjoyed the garden party pictures and we are planning to visit Beekman some day soon and get to stay at the American Hotel. WHAT A THRILL THAT WOULD BE!!! CJ (dubbed The Cuban Prince by Patrick) I love you both without knowing you!


I have been looking for photos &/or a diagram of the raised bed garden. Have I missed it? My husband & I have plans to put in a raised bed garden and after reading Josh's description in his book I would love to incorporate some of his ideas. Thanks! PS- I love you guys!!!


I desperately want to live there with all of you, desperately I say!!!! I will gladly sell my home, cash in my stash, muck the stalls, garden/weed and clean "The Mansion" for the chance to get dirty and share warmth among good people in a setting such as yours. Plz release me from this 8-5 desk job Hell!!!! Save MMEEeeeeee . . . . glub, glub, glub . . . swirling down now . . . Help!!!!!

Oh yeah, I'm a great cook (and humble too).


My red "Polka Spot" galoshes! How can I get a copy of that photo??

What a fun day!! thank you Guys and thank you Farmer John and Polka Spot.


Barbara Good

I just love your show and miss it so much. Please come back. My husband and I love watching the goats and just everything that

goes on down at the farm…. Miss you miss you miss you. Come back.

Barb and Steve


Thanks for the photo's. Looks like the town had a great turn-out and everyone had a terrific time. It was great to read about all the international countries that enjoy your program too – it's just amazing and now you're world famous! "How you gonna keep 'em down on the farm…." Miss you guys and hope you'll be on next season.

It's wicked hot here in Boston!!



looks like it was a blast. So are we going to get a third season?? my wife and I love to sit and watch the show. we are big fans. wishing you guy's much success and happiness.


Where are you guys?? I miss you so much. What only 6 episodes this season? Now that they have legalized same sex marriages in NY will there be a wedding soon at the Beekman???? That would be a GREAT SHOW!!!!! Come Back Beekmans!!!



Kathleen A. Thomas

I am your #1 fan!!! I found the show accidentally one evening while chanel surfing. Since, many of my friends & relatives have joined also. We

have popcorn & wine night, with friends watching all our taped episodes.

This 2011 season imagine our disappointment, w/ all the drama of a possible break-up and the stress of issues w/ the farm.

I have bought the book, the soaps, receive the e-mails and

have not lost my gusto for the show. I even watch the goat cam.

Fellas—–what now–you r done??????? NO!

The joy just seemed to go away. I watch all the original older shows and get my Beekman " fix".


The ancient yellow rose bush was definitely one my favorite things on the tour. Just beautiful!