The goats have their own special flair with holiday decorating…


by Josh and Brent

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I'm having BEEKMAN BOYS withdrawal, and sure hope you'll have another season on TV this winter? Love your products, and always enjoy your videos. Happy Holidays 2011, can't wait for your new card.

Lisa Rebucci

I've always wanted to have my own farm in the state of Vermont but unfortunately my husband works in NYC and we live in NJ. Love your blogs, videos and pictures of both of you and your farm. Hope you continue to enjoy (I'm sure it is a lot of hard work) but you seem so lovely and happy working together. Happy 2011!


WOW !!! What a fantastic story. My sister and her husband who live in Arizona have been addicted to your reality show and keep asking me if I have caught it. I do not get it on my cable package but after just finishing your wonderful book I will be researching how I can get the station that airs it added.

My Dads side of the family all comes from upstate New York where many generations ran Sliter's Dairy and although I have never lived on a farm I couldn't help but make comparisons from my visits from Los Angles to upstate New York.

A farm in West Hollywood is comprised of more than one terra cotta pot on the balcony.

Just wanted to reach out and tell you both how lovely your home is and how much I enjoyed the book and a little peek into your lives. Its noce to see other "gays" that give us good press… lol

Ginger White

I'm gonna cry. That was so beautiful. I missed seeing and sharing the 2009 Holiday season. Please let us see the Beekman and the goats this Christmas all decorated. House and barn and Farmer John. That was so thoughtful of you to share with your TV friends such warm wishes. God bless you all and a heartfelt Thank You. Ginger


I love your show The Fabulous Beekman Boys!! I caught onto the show a bit late, so I downloaded and purchased the episodes off iTunes so I can watch your previous episodes…I admit, it's so addicting to watch. I cannot wait till season 2 starts. Continue the hard work boys!!


Just found you on Demand and have been enjoying each episode and really looking forward to more. You both are delightful and the farm is wonderful. Thank you


I had hoped that there would be a Christmas show so that we could see the mansion decorated.

This was adorable! Much better than I had expected.

Paulette Fontenette

What a refreshing show,I lov everything please never change , look so forward to the next year lovly congrates to you both! YORKIE


I'm reading your second book, Josh – it's laugh out loud funny! Wish I was your neighbor and could sit on the porch with you, sipping apple cider. All you need on the farm to make it complete is a greyhound curled up beside you!


Do you mind if I ask where you got the blown glass tree topper in the holiday video? We had one for years until it was broken, and I've looked high and low for a new one.

Adore your show!



Just finished your book and loved, loved, loved it. I've always been a "Closet gardener" and reading your book just reinforced my determination to move somewhere that my husband and I, our 5 dogs and 2 cats, can have some land. I am looking forward to watching your show.

Heather La Voy

This is the cutest holiday card ever! My mom recently turned me on to your show last week. I have watched them all several times already and cannot wait for more! I think the you two have found your own slice of heaven at the Beekman. Brent I hope that you are taking some of Joshs' advice and relaxing, even for 5 minutes. You would be crazy not to stop for a moment and breathe in those wonderful surroundings! Good luck to all of you.

Donald Stitt

LOVED your Holiday Video Card and your first couple of programs. Looking forward to more this evening!


Watched the goats, and cat, really you are so lucky to be ale to work with your animals. Just lovely……isee a book coming on the animals.

jacquelyn solomon

watched you on Martha Stewart Living today… enjoyed every minute of it…..anxiously awaiting June 16 and hope to watch your show regularly.