A friend recently gave us a 1804 Almanac for the house. William Beekman built his house from 1802-1804, so this almanac would’ve been the first one published after the family moved into the home. I thought I’d share the two riddles included in the almanac…it’s fun to imagine Beekman and his children sitting around the fire puzzling out the answers. Can you solve them?

Here’s the first:


Here’s the second:


Share your answers in the comment section below.


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  • By: Diana Binkowski

    I think the answer is the sun. Love seeing these kind of things that make us think. I was thrilled you won the Amazing Race and I’ll see y’all again when I come up for my annual visit to Sharon Springs. Of course, I used to live there so know it all well and all my family is still in Schoharie County. I’m hoping your cookbook will be out by then.

  • By: Jennifer Zemlin

    I rooted for you on the Amazing Race from the beginning and was thrilled when you both won. I always wandered what Beekman 1802 meant on your T-shirts and after a little google search came across your website and found your show on Netflix. Have watched them all and love your show. You two are an inspiration and a testament to following your dreams.
    Wishing you nothing but good things in the future and if I’m ever in your neck of the woods I’d love to visit Sharon Springs!
    Best Wishes,

  • By: Mary Beth

    I love you both and you have made me look at everyone differently in a good way. I am so glad I found your show and polka spot. I am changed. Luv u both. Best wishes

      • By: Mary Beth

        Having you reply has made my entire year and we are only 16 days into it. Thank you again.

  • By: Linda King

    I also thought of maybe sending you some of my grandmother’s receipes (Callie Osa Beekman)for your Beekman cookbook. Thank You

  • By: Linda King

    Josh and Brent, I have wanted to contact you for sometime to tell you that my mother is one of the last living Beekmans’. She is Kathryn Grayson whose mother was Callie Osa Beekman. We are direct decendants from William Beekman. My grandfather was killed in the Civil War and his name was James Beekman. My mother will be 89 next month and I thought it would be an excellent way to celebrate the beekman heritage and history by having her and her cousin appear on your show for Mother’s Day. it could be taped ahead of time but shown at that time of the year. She has quite a story to tell of her life. She is a typical Beekman with her joyful personality and kind demeanor. We have taken a DNA test to prove the beekman’s did come from Holland and they were Jewish. Most were killed at the death camps during the war. Please send me an email or call 859-940-2076 for more details.

  • By: BethRobinson

    Josh: Just wanted to say that I hope your first few weeks of being “free and at home” have been incredibly sweet. Can we hope for another “Beekman” book in the near future?


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