In central New York, there’s never a shortage of places you can go to get the life scared of out you. Within a half hour drive of the Beekman Mercantile, there are plenty of haunted houses, haunted caverns, and even haunted farms (we try to plan trips to these creepy locations during the fall, but we get scared easily). It comes with the territory. Many houses in Schoharie County were built before the United States had even formed. It makes sense that some of the people who built and lived in these homes want to hang on as long as they can. We can’t blame them. We understand the feeling of building something wonderful and never wanting to leave. Read on to learn about the most haunted places around America and plan a trip to get your spook on.


It was hard to narrow down to just 18. Luckily, we have the bonus 02.



by Josh and Brent

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Bonnie Zeller Butler

Loved the haunted places.
Knew Beekman Mansion when I was a kid and it was in very bad shape. We called it haunted then.