We keep an average of about 40 hives on Beekman 1802 Farm each summer, and they’re definitely the MVPs of the farm. (Ok, Ok…so maybe they’re tied with the goats.) Unlike the goats, they’re incredibly single-minded and industrious (again, sorry, goats.) Bees are single-minded. They venture out to find flowers as far away as 8 miles, gather their nectar and pollen and then beeline it home. The lifespan of the worker bee is short—from birth to death in about 6 weeks, so there’s not much time to gather from the rosebuds. However, the brevity of their natural existence does not deter them from their responsibilities. The bee population at Beekman 1802 peaks in mid-July when a queen can lay thousands of eggs a day–which is how a colony of a few hundred can swell to over 10,000 in a couple of weeks. Read on to learn a bit more about the busy bees.



And it wouldn’t be a true 18(02) without 2 more facts:


by Aray Till

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Those are awfully pretty photos!
I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry, though, due to the fact that not all of those are honeybees. It’s pretty easy to snap a few photos of drones and queens, so why not use the real thing?
Why did you choose to include flies?