Do you think that a person’s favorite ice cream flavor reveals their personality? Does vanilla mean you’re boring or practical? Is Black Raspberry a telling sign of someone’s sinister side? Does a preference for Moose Tracks mean that person is outdoorsy? Or just has a mean sweet tooth?

We don’t subscribe to ice cream personality tests, but we do subscribe to learning all the fun facts about our favorite frozen confection.


It was hard to narrow down to just 18. Luckily, we have the bonus 02.

by Josh and Brent

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Mary Hooke

Wow, just give me the top row of the ice cream selections and I’ll be happy! There is nothing like ice cream on a hot Summer day.
I always have pints in my freezer, a quick dessert with a side of cookies!

Jack Cohen

Must be fabulous. Their soaps have changed my skin Amazing. When do we see you boys on HSN?

Bob Dumschat

My new favorite is Mint Chocolate Chip, although I used to love Vanilla. I grew up in Connecticut , and Shady Glen in my home town is still in business and serves great homemade ice cream, It’s hard to pick a favorite flavor.

Lori Spaeth

Thank you for the interesting ice cream information. Very enjoyable. Just wanted to to mention I am so happy your on HSN! You two are so wonderful. I pray I will be able to meet the two of you one day. You two are so genuine. I also love your products. I have many of my family members and friends on the Beekman train. Have a blessed day!