Before we moved to the Beekman Mansion, we had always been a bit skeptical of ghosts. In New York City, most weird happenings could be explained away easily. Loud crash in the middle of the night? Probably a downstairs neighbor coming home after a few too many cocktails. Ghostly figures on the subway? Usually Shakespeare in the Park actors who were too tired to change out of their costumes. Wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat? That’s just the regular ol’ fear-of-middle-age kicking in.

However, none of these things could be logically explained when we witnessed them happening at the mansion. Since then, we’ve welcomed our ghostly visitors and made peace with the other side. We’ve also spent a lot time studying other ghouls, spirits and poltergeists, so read on to learn more about some of the most interesting and famous ghosts to ever haunt America.


It was hard to narrow down to just 18. Luckily, we have the bonus 02.






by Josh and Brent

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Linda Cook

There is so much that I love about you guys!! I love your products, your story, and now the recipes and all that come with being connected to you via Beekman1802.

Just read through the ghosts that you provided and so now I can add this to my list.

I live outside Buffalo and hope someday to make the trip across state to visit.

Thanks for providing such a positive and uplifting place for me to get lost in!

Beekman 1802 Customer Service

Hi Sherri! Contact us here at Neighbor Services 888.801.1802×1. We will be happy to let you know when you can expect your Almanac!


I had a ghost living with me for many years. There was a reason he was around and at a point things changed and he left. I wrote a short story about that experience and have shared it many times with friends and family that were dying and or in palliative care. It seems to bring piece, like perhaps there is something else that they are going to.

Happy to share it with anyone that wants it.

We also had an experience when my mother passed away. Here is the link to that story the local news outlet did.

Kate Rowlison

The house my parents lived in on Route 20 in Sharon Springs (right across from Gilberts Corners Road) had a ghost of a black slave woman. She would appear in the upstairs windows and she could be felt in the hallway to the master bedroom. She mostly kept to herself unless she was checking in on sleeping visitors or sitting on your bed. She has even been known to tuck you in during the night. She had a very motherly feel about her and could be felt instantly at the sound of a baby crying. When my parents were running electric wires in the attic they discovered a small room in the ceiling of the master bedroom hallway that was only accessible from the attic. The home is directly across the road from an old tavern and a boarding house. Oh, and if you follow their driveway that was once a roadway it comes out on parsons road near the Bean farm. Pretty close to the Beekman Mansion. Interesting coincidence?