Did you know that goats were one of – if not the – first animals to be domesticated? Here are 18 facts (plus 02 bonus ones, of course) about our favorite animals…

And we wouldn’t be 1802 if we didn’t give you 18 + 02…

by Aray Till

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Vivien Aquino

I love beekman products in particular the body cream I always buy your special on HSN
I’m addicted to the products the wipes. Lip balm hand cream soap. Great products
Love goat milk, goat cheese
Wish you’d sell goat cheese

Neighbor Services

We have goat cheese available Seasonally! Our Chevre’ cheeses are available in limited quantities in the late spring. The next cheese, Blaak Cheese, will be available in September and our Ghoast Cheese is expected in November.


I really wish u had samples of the different scents. Maybe u could save shavings from the soap n put in little bags. Just a thought bc don’t like too flowery

Nancy Mortensen

Have you ever created a goat ornament? I think you have a wonderful story!
I have been using your products for several years and love them! This year I’ve bought them for our adult children, can’t wait to hear what they think!

Susan Smith

Was born and raised in Albany, N.Y.I now live in Arizona. A neighbor recently had boats their daughter was raising for 4 H. They were adorable and would talk to me every time I came by in my truck. So much fun.

They ah
are gone now and I miss them.
I’m looking forward to trying your produ products. Thanks and keep enjoying those goats

Sheila Viktorchik

Did learn interesting facts about goats, thanks. Loved watching them on tv and when I could access to goat cam.

Susan Alto

Love anything to do with goats. Bought your Goat cookie jar..Hope you have more cookie jars, t shirts , or cups. Love the soap, wipes, and my lips feel great . I’m my backyard I have 12 hens and 1 rooster, and 2 Oberhasli does.

Debbie Evans

I adore goats, their cheese, butters and of course their milk as well. I came very, very close when I was well, to buying a goat farm. Thank you, for sharing all that you do with all of us. I know that we all enjoy your accomplishments of beauty and taste, so awesome.

Amy Johnson

I’m with Jennifer! I would put a goat calendar on auto delivery. What better way to check your appointments than be greeted with pics of goats. Great facts, guys. Look forward to your emails and almanacs. Keep up the good work! Love your products, too, of course. 🐰🐥 Happy Easter

Marcia Pokus

What with the snow and baby goats you have made me feel all happy and shiny bright. Thanks for making me joyful.


Love your newsletter.pictures were so pretty.the winters in Michigan can be like that also.thank you for sharing.loved all the 🐐 facts


Product Idea: There should be a Beekman 1802 Baby Goats Calendar! I would buy one every year 🙂


I really enjoyed those facts about goats. Definitely learned something new today….. Thank you for sharing😘