October 1st is National Black Dog Day. Black dogs (and cats) are statistically the last pets to be adopted from shelters. We have no idea why because they’re clearly the most beautiful.

Our rescue dog Önder decided to help her black brethren & sisters by showing just how photogenic and talented canines noir can be. (And they speak french too!)

Join us as Önder poses around the farm, and help spread praise about black dogs & cats.

by Josh and Brent

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Michelle Colman

Some people think that black dogs/ cats are bad luck. Have you ever heard any one say don’t let a black cat cross in front of you because that is bad luck?? Brake a mirror and you will have 7yrs of bad luck. Luckily I am not one of them as I have a beautiful black cat that someone pulled in my driveway and put the cat in my yard and drove off…

Becky Holdsworth

I think you guys need a “Barn Quilt” on the front of the barn next to the house. Also, they would probably sell well at 1802.

We’ve had a rough winter in NC this year, well earlier we did. Considering the cold here, I can’t even imagine making it through what you all had. Be safe as you move forward with the farm.
LOVE the goats!!!

Becky, Cary, NC


I have been a loyal fan, show watcher, book reader, product lover, house stalker, and FINALLY got to do the Harvest Tour this fall. Met ‘the boys’, Farmer John, the goats and Josh’s parents. The farm is magnificent.
The Mercantile, visited that last year…when I stalked the house, only from the road, I’m a respectful stalker. I try many of your products, love the quality to all of them, repeat buyer of many things.
I expect to be back next year, thank you for your quality products, your genuine kindness and love for all your neighbors, I consider myself one of them, all the way in Pittsburgh.

Kimberly A. Cain

HELP! The Polka-Spotted App has disappeared. I love this app! Please, please, please update this app!!! PLEASE!!!!


Oksana Iler

We have always had black dogs, and they have always been AMAZING !!! We have watched Onder from day one. She is absolutely adorable!!

Cindy Foreman

Nice Dog they r like family ya a lot of company! I have 2 Black cats that I rescued a male and a female Bayla is the male and Mollybeaner is the female and they do not get along since I just rescued Molly who was dropped off at my house plus I have 2 Bangel cats a male Teaki and a female Maia. I was wondering what happened to the Black kitten u had awhile ago I have not see her or u talk about her?

Jo Page

Hey, Josh and Brent,

I’ve met both of you at various times when I’ve been at the Mercantile (and before, when you were across the street). I remember when you decided to headquarter in Schenectady (are you still there?) which is where I live. I’m a columnist for the Albany Times Union and a Lutheran pastor in Albany and did try to get you to buy my book, Preaching in My Yes Dress just because…I try to get everyone to buy it.

But that’s not why I’m writing. Nor am I writing to tell you how much I love my lamp–the one with the steel piping and the blue glass shades and Edison bulbs. I’m writing because I saw your photo-essay of Onder and as proud mommy of a black rescue (part lab, part hound, maybe Great Dane), I was very moved. Jack came to me from a kill shelter in Kentucky and he has been my boon companion for four years, particularly as I now move into the first house I have ever owned by myself (hence the need for the lamp!) (And my middle name, which is “Grae” has a little circle over the “a.” It’s a Danish thing, I’m told. But it–like Onder’s umlaut–is distinctive!)

Best wishes,
Jo Page