When we created Beekman 1802, our goal was to breathe life into the historic 19th century farm and intothe mercantile business that the honest William Beekman founded over 2 centuries ago, and at the same time provide opportunities for our neighbors in the surrounding villages to thrive.

From the beginning, we’ve been devoted to the artisanal, the hand-made, and to the belief that each season gives us cause for celebration.

We work with local craftsmen skilled in traditional methodologies to develop new and beautiful items for your home, hearth, and pantry. Bringing a little piece of Beekman 1802 into your home supports the preservation of these true American masters.

And we’re already thinking about the next generation of masters. Meet our newest artisan:




To see Derek’s work and that of our other artisans, click here

by Josh and Brent

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Tony Desmond

I have known Derek’s grandfather for 57 years. I have watched Derek grow into the fine young man he is today.

Karen Walter

Kuddos, Kiddo ! Nicely done & a nifty product to boot. I admire your focus ( & your steady hand.) I can think of dozens of people who should have these .


These are stunning!! Can they be engraved? Also, can the ink cartridge be refilled/replaced when it runs out?

Kristine from Dallas

Just beautiful!! So lovely to see a young man have an interest in an old art form! Well done Derek!!


This is wonderful and very admirable that you welcome a young craftsman I to your fold. Wonderful!