Photo: Peter Siegel. "We had a great time yesterday."

When we first started Beekman 1802, it was our belief that a farm could be bigger than its fences.  What happened on our 60 acres each season could not only inspire us to live a more considered life, but could help others find the beauty in their own backyard and in their own communities.

As grew, and we started sharing more and more of our ideas, we made certain to never present ourselves as “experts”.  Rather, we wanted to be “constant learners” and invite others to learn along with us.  (And every day we continue to learn FROM you!)

We would have never thought that the day would come when we would reach 100,000 “likes” on Facebook.   It’s actually very easy to reach this number and even much higher—you can literally buy “likes”–and many celebrities and brands do this.

But we did it the old fashioned way.  We earned each one.

If you see a post on our Facebook page or any of our social media accounts, it comes directly from us and not another employee or bot.  If you get an email with our name on it—we wrote it!

And we often tell other entrepreneurs that social media is a great equalizer between small and large businesses.  It costs us the same to set up a Facebook or Twitter account as it does for Coca-Cola.

Just like all the big companies, you can also find us on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram all using the familiar Beekman1802Boys moniker.  We use each outlet in a different way so that even if you follow us on every platform, you’re always getting something unique.

We think of everyone who we meet in our community–either the one in Sharon Springs (population 547) or the one on Facebook (population 100,000) as our neighbors.

Thank you for being part of our world.

by Josh and Brent

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Beverly Nan Murphy

Loved it all from the very beginning. Brings back farm days in Kennebunkport and wanted you to know that our old home there is now a wonderful B&B called The 1802 House!!! for lo the past 25 years, Full circle for me and love the connection. For you always present new ideas for now as well as those fond memories. I miss the goat cam for goats were a major part of my middle years and a short visit each morning took me to the 5:30 a.m. barn visit, but the farm cam made it warmer and easier. So my dearhearts, “thanks for the memories” and make that 100,001 likes (I voted twice). ss

Chadwick Horn

… and this is why you have such a loyal following, guys. Never get “too big for yer britches” and you’ll always have an invite into each of our homes. We’re one of your 100,000 neighbors, after all. 😉


I love watching your lives unfold and really enjoy hearing more about the farm. I engage only on the actual wblog/ebsite, not in any other social media. I do get a bit frustrated at all of the posts written by others that sometime seem so out of scope for the website (exercise…really?) and wish the posts were more frequent and the content fresher (how long have the “Favorite-est Things ThisMonth” been up there? A lot longer than a few months. They haven’t changed in ages it seems). I keep checking back, hoping to see fresh content…from Josh or Brent, in any capacity.

Alice (@BritinTaylor)

Congratulations on your 100,000! And I’m glad I’m still on your part Beekman Family and I hope I will follow you guys post news and blog one year and one year ahead and have a very amazing year and happy Thanksgiving to me and you guys 🙂 <3 Love you guys always!!


Glad to have been of help. It’s the least I could do considering all you’ve done for me. Happy holidays and hope your trip down here to see us in Florida is smashing!

Dorothy Hayes

I am so proud to be part of the Beekman Community. Each time I meet the Boys they always remember my husband and me. They have now met the entire family and we are so lucky to call Josh and Brent friends. I have also made many wonderful Beekman friends. This is truly an amazing group of people. Keep spreading the word about our Fabulous Beekman Boys and Farmer John.

Ken Newman

The last year has been… ” amazing “, seeing the Facebook likes climb was akin to watching the altimeter on a rocket. So glad to be along for the ride.

Robin A

Having now met you on your book tour, and after watching the way you interacted with everyone at the book signing, I know this is true. I hope you always stay as genuine as you are. The winners in the race are the ones who don’t give up.


it’s true, whether we are the first fan or the 100,000 fan we can truly say, “I’m not a number
I’m not a number
Dammit I’m a man
I said I’m a man” (bob seger)

Brent and Josh treat each of us like family. they know are names. It’s a great place to be.

Sandy Kraus Smith

I LOVE being a part of the Beekman family! I feel so fortunate to have interned and actually know both of you, your critters…including Farmer John :-), the folks of Sharon Springs and many other Beek Geeks who I now call friends! Geeze… who knew when I found a fun quirky show on Planet Green that it would somehow become an actual part of my life? You guys are awesome!! <3

Jill B.

Thank you for having us! Nothing better than making a new friend and neighbor even if you are thousands of miles away.

Vickie Martin

As soon as I joined you on facebook I felt like I had two new friends. I appreciated so much how you engaged everyone you met at your visits recently. It was obvious that you enjoyed meeting us as much as we you.

J'nell Avenia

You are two special people. I know you must look back, never dreaming that you could change so many people’s lives for the better through just being you. We knew you first through your wonderful reality show, “the Beekman Boys.” I know I have said it before, but we are doing what we are doing as we were inspired by you. You planted that seed in our hearts and minds as we watched you weekly.

You are thankful for us, but I think I can speak for the thousands of fans you have acquired, we are also thankful for the blessings you have ,and continue to bring into our lives. If it weren’t for you, we would never have found such a dear friend in John Hall. On this Thanksgiving you do have so much to be thankful for, most all being your kind, gentle, down to earth spirit that has warmed everyone you have touched. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families! We love you!

Marie Chilcote

I, too, am glad to be part of your community. I only see you through my e-mail account because I don’t know how to use anything else. I don’t use your cookbook because I don’t cook anymore. I cooked the first 53 years of our marriage then I told my husband I didn’t want to cook anymore, so now he does the cooking. I guess I could get your cookbook for him. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Susan L. Allan

So happy to be a part of such a community! Love it all and hope to see more of you and Sharon Spgs. in 2014. Happy Holidays!