There’s a ton of advice out there for how to soothe dry winter skin. The issue, we find, is that it’s mostly the same. After five winters in upstate New York…we know dry skin. And we’ve developed some real, honest-to-goodness helpful tips to avoid it. Not the same old “drink a lotta water, stay out of the wind,  yadda yadda yadda.” Make these six tips part of your routine and we promise you’ll have a smoother, less itchy winter.


1. Pre-moisturize. Why moisturize only after the damage is done? Putting on lotions before bedtime is good. But it’s more important to put some on before going into the harsh outdoors.


2. Don’t get Steamed & Drip Dry  – Taking a long hot shower or bath doesn’t actually help hydrate your skin. Your skin doesn’t soak up water from the outside. A long hot bath or shower can actually dry out your skin, because it can dissipate your skins natural oils, which are then absorbed further when you dry off. Which brings up the second part of good winter shower habits: when exiting the tub, don’t completely dry off before putting on moisturizer. (Granted this is easier if your bathroom is warm. Try a space heater placed well away from tub or sink.)


3. Dress Too Warmly – Believe it or not, your skin benefits from a little sweat. Your skins natural moisturizer, sebum, is produced by your sebaceous glands. These glands slow production when they’re cold. Keeping warm, and keeping moving, helps boost the skins natural sebum.


4. For Once, It’s Not All About Water – While there are millions of reasons why you need to stay hydrated, drinking excess water does nothing to further hydrate your skin. So in addition to being adequately hydrated, you’ll also need to eat foods rich in essential fatty acids – like walnuts, salmon, flaxseed, olive oil, and pasture-raised meats, and wild rice. Try our Pumpkin Nutty Health Bar for Dry Skin.


5. Shiver in the Car – During the winter it’s tempting to turn up the heat whenever you can, especially in small enclosed spaces like your car. But the combination of high, dry heat and swift moving air from vents will dry out your skin faster than anything. Keep your car at a moderate temperature…don’t turn up the heat just because you can.


6. Use only Natural Soaps –  like Beekman 1802 Soap. Real soap produces glycerin as it’s made. (The process called saponification.) Most commercial soap bars and gels remove the glycerin (it can be sold more expensively for other uses) and replace it with detergent. Only real soap contains glycerin.



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  • By: Helen Hancock

    Thanks for the good advice. I use your soaps and love them. They are great on my skin and they don’t slime in the soap dish.

  • By: Julie H.

    I recently bought the Beekman 1802 Tub of Butter in Winter scent and I think it is also an amazing way to combat dry skin. I put it on everything, my hands, my lips, my face. So fabulous.

  • By: Maggie Sever

    Twice a day – morning and night – Stick of Butter on hands, elbows, knees and feet – best trick for baby soft skin!

  • By: Traci L Sabia

    The goat milk does have great moisture in it. Maybe a future mercantile addition could be Beekman essential oils. Adding essential oils to a warm bath along with beekman soap would be heavenly :)

  • By: Dorothy Hayes

    I have been using the goat milk soap for over 2 years and I must say that I no longer have dry skin. It is in the shower and it is all we use. I am looking forward to making the pumpkin nutty bars. Thanks for all the wonderful products.

  • By: Gina D

    My sink has been so.much dryer this winter. I blame it on my cancer treatments. Appreciate your great ideas!

  • By: Jennifer Berglund

    All great info, thanks! You forgot to mention the beekman tub of butter that helps my dry and cracked skin in just a day or two

  • By: Carrie

    I got several of your skin products for Christmas and tried them all over the past few days. Loving them! I used the tub of butter on my hands (which stay very dry all winter thanks to working in a school setting and washing my hands frequently during the day) and for the first time since mid-October, my hands do not have a white, dry skin look to them. I plan to try the tips you gave above to see if that helps. I am guilty of too hot showers and blasting the car heater so I will be cutting those out.

  • By: Heather

    Just tried your soap for the first time. I have had allergic reactions to goat milk based soaps in the past, so I wondered… but I used a whole bar of the classic unscented Beekman 1802 with only positive results. My skin likes it :) Thank you for a quality home-grown product. If I am able to splurge on only one skin-care product, I splurge on the soap.

    • By: Dr. Brent

      You are smart, Heather. If you have a good soap that does not damage your skin, you often can avoid other beauty elixirs. So happy that you are happy

  • By: Jayne Mattingly

    I love, love, love you guys. I am so happy for you, Josh, now that you are full-time at the farm…..FINALLY!! It was worth the wait, right Josh? Wishing you both continued happiness, success, and good fortune…..Polka Spot, and Jolene too….can’t forget Farmer John.

    Jayne Mattingly

  • By: Linda Speranza

    Thanks, I really appreciate these tips, some good advise I hadn’t thought of.
    Are there going to be any new episodes of the show?

  • By: Dorothy Hayes

    The goat milk soap has saved my skin for two winters. It is the only soap I use now.

  • By: Elle Stevens

    I find it also helps to run a cool mist humidifier next to bed, plus the humming makes you sleep and the cool mist helps “others” from snoring.

  • By: Anne Cistoldi

    Thanks for offering these great tips and always teaching us why and how things work! Those of us who farm, truly understand how nature effects our skin and really tests our bodies ability to regenerate. I have invested in a spa quality parafin dip bath for hands and feet. Along with your tips this should be the perfect combination!

    Miss your series on the television…..So happy to hear Josh will be full time farming this year.
    A dream come true for both of you!!!! We pass by your exit on our way to Rome, NY. from Massachusetts now and then. Look forward to making a visit sometime……

  • By: martha

    All the things you say are so true, but I find that if I rub cold pressed castor oil on my hands legs etc. that does the trick

  • By: Jill

    Just yesterday my 20 year old daughter said her hands were soooo dry, as she lay in her bed with her hands in the air. She was waiting for lotion to soak in. I could relate, after 55 years of Minnesota winters.

    I like that you explain your reasons – must be a damn good doc! We love you guys, your farm, your critters. Sigh.

  • By: LIGorenflo

    Keep the humidifiers going! They help keep your nasal passages moistened and your skin hydrated.

  • By: shannon

    Thanks for this post! My hands and feet get so dry in the winter, that I have to use a squirt of NEOSPORIN on them, because they crack, peel, and bleed.

  • By: donna rochester

    Just sent your newsletter to my daughter-in-law who suffers from dry skin, now will try your soap myself. We love you boys and all you have done with your farm and wish you continued success, good health and good fortune.

  • By: Margaret

    Brent & Josh, Congrats on finally having Sharon Springs a full-time home for both of you!! Do you have a solution for dry cracked heels and for skin splits on a nurse midwife’s overworked hands?

    • By: Barb

      Try “bag balm” Comes in a green tin can. An old dr. told my mom (and old nurse) about this years ago. I now have cans of it all over the place.

  • By:

    I like my heated car seat so I don’t have to blow hot air in my face and dry out my skin and throat. I also moisturize with vicks vapor rub on my feet. It helps yu breathe easier and makes your feet so-o-o- soft!

  • By: Teresa

    Good tip and I thank you both. Wonderful show I love you boys B)

  • By: Pam Landy

    l don’t know if it applies here, but I also put an old pot of some kind (this year it’s an old tea kettle) filled with water on top of the wood stove while it’s burning. Between the forced hot air (which we use in early mornings and as back-up to the wood stove) and the wood stove burning, it gets pretty dry even IN the house. A kettle or just a pot of steaming water helps moisten the air enough that I notice the difference in how dry my skin AND hair and nails get if I forget the water even for just for a day or two.

  • By: Kate

    Under my snow gloeve, i like light latex gloves over my waxy hand moisturizer. It didn’t work for my sister, but might be worth a try for everyone.

  • By: Mary Amos

    Never turn my heat up.Like it a little cool.Miosturizer all the time and take quick much hard water.Your tips are right on.

  • By: Jane

    Nice and helpful tips! The picture of the house on the home page looks like a Currier and Ives!

  • By: Judy Giordano

    Great ideas! Thank you……glad you are enjoying time together….Thank you Amazing Race

  • By: Catherine Kurczynski

    Thanks for the tips. I try to shower & moisturize long before I have to out into the elements. Great idea about car heater too. Thanks guys! Cathybytheriver

  • By: Jo

    I am loving this new look and new items!! As usual the Beekman Boys are cutting edge and that is why I love them!

  • By: Lisa

    there is nothing on the market that compares to Beekman soap…. NOTHING. Tis fabulous!!!!

  • By: Jennifer Berglund

    Also dont lick your lips when they fee dry, this makes it worse. Use lip balm (before going outside is best)

  • By: Kathy Bopp

    Thank you! Your newsletters are so lively; fun to read. Do you mind if I use some of your tips in a column I write for our local newspaper…as long as I give you credit?

  • By: Jan Struebing

    I was just scratching a dry spot on my leg when I started reading your newsletter. Last night I put coconut oil on my legs and hands to moisturize. Warning, don’t let your dog near. My dog licked and licked my legs. He really enjoyed the coconut oil.

  • By: Eric Esau

    Another tip — after moisturizing (with Beekman1802 skin butter, of course) wear gloves for a while. There are two variations — white cotton, and higher-tech polymeric gel gloves (from Bliss). The longer you wear them, the better. Overnight is best, but on your morning commute also good. Your skin will feel even better, especially the cuticles and finger tips where it is so easy to get those painful little cracks in winter.

  • By: Katherine D Patrick

    This is a really old tip, but you might enjoy trying it: after bathing or showering, before you towel off, lightly coat your skin with oil. Almond oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil . . . . any oil you prefer. Then, lightly blot dry. This can seal in the moisture very well.

  • By: patricia brennan

    Please develop a goat milk based moisturizer for our poor chapped faces.
    I love the soap, but seriosly need a more natural moisturizer.

  • By: Linda

    This all makes such good sense . . . thank you!

  • By: deni

    Great tips – especially the ones about pre-moisturizing and eating good fatty acids – as a matter of fact, a little bite of bread dipped in some olive oil sounds fantastic right now!

  • By: Libby Mac

    Thanks gentlemen for reminding us and updating some of us on the latest knowledge about taking care of our skin. I too live in a far north snowy climate.
    One other thing. Josh and Brent, I know I am not the only one to say hurrah, you more than paid your dues in NYC. I am so pleased for both of you to be together full time.

  • By: Sheila Harrington

    I love your suggestions, I never thought of the car blowers. I also add sprayology Body Skin Tonic. it is an oral spray that works from the inside out awesome product. My friend bought the sweet silence goat painting and said it was so much more beautiful then the website image. She is so happy with it. You have the best stuff! Thank you so much.

    • By: Linda Schnell- Leonardi

      I never appreciated my car seat warmers till I got a bit older, when I was younger it made me just too “hot”,now, they are just right!

  • By: Dianne Allen

    Great tips – news to me about the heat in the car….love your soap, I think it is making a difference. Have a good winter.

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