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Within Reach

Open cupboard. Take out cereal bowl. Close cupboard. Darn, forgot the juice glass! Open cupboard again. Take out juice glass. Close cupboard. Again.

If this sounds anything like your usual morning routine, you may want to consider open shelving in the kitchen. It may not be the most inconvenient thing in the world to open and close a cupboard a few times a minute, but how nice it would be to avoid it if you could. It took me a few years to embrace the idea of open shelves in the kitchen, but I am now fully on board – at least for the pretty things in my kitchen. My previous self enjoyed the notion of having everything tucked away, out of sight. As my interest in attractive dinnerware increased, however, so to did my desire to display it and, in turn, use it more frequently.

Open shelving allows you to keep the dinnerware, glassware, flatware, cookware and bakeware you use often within easy reach. It makes putting dishes away a cinch and also looks quite attractive, giving your kitchen a modern, functional look. Counter tops, too, can provide surfaces for a collection of canisters and containers that proffer wooden spoons, spatulas, whisks and cutlery, making it so simple to grab the utensils as you work. Below are five beautiful images of dishes within reach.





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Living with Collections

I’m really excited about a new book that comes out this week called “Collected: Living With the Things You Love.” It was written by two former editors of Martha Stewart Living magazine; Fritz Karch was the Collecting editor for the magazine for many years and Rebecca Robertson was the Home editor. It is the perfect pairing for a book that aims to get our gathered and curated treasures out of storage and into the spaces we live in every day.

The book teaches readers the basic principles of the hunt while exploring the thoughtful and inventive ways people display their various collections, from the accessible and affordable to the aspirational and extreme. The featured collections range from dice to café au lait bowls to 19th-century-French sewing tools to sand from world travels—illustrating collections as expressions of personal style. It is divided into 16 chapters by collector type (The Modest, The Minimalist, The Exceptionalist, The Maximalist, etc.) and presents rooms filled with peculiar, elegant and awe-inspiring collections from around the world that suit the specific type of collector. Make sure to add this volume to your book collection! Below are five examples of collections that have been integrated into the home – beautifully.




1. Brent and Josh have a table in their bedroom at Beekman 1802 farm with a collection of silver and silver-plate candle sticks that they have collected over the years. “Most we paid very little for but when placed in a collection such as this the end result is very luxe,” says Brent.

2. This abundant collection of English transferware looks gorgeous in an antique hutch.

3. These antique hat forms are an unusual collection, but they look curiously stylish in this display case – without their corresponding hats.

4. My friend Ronnie Elgavish in Tel Aviv collects spoons of all sorts from around the world. He carefully photographs and catalogs them, documenting their histories and anecdotes. He has many of them on display in his home.

5. My mother has a drawer in her coffee table where she keeps the shoes her father wore as a baby, as well as some keys to rooms in the homes where she grew up.

What do you collect? Tell us in the comments section below.

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Living With Photos


I have met a lot of creative people online – often, they are people I have never met in person but whose artistic passion and talent have influenced and inspired me. One such person is David Jimenez. I got to know David through my blog, Martha Moments, after he contacted me regarding a post I had written. I soon discovered that David was an extremely talented designer – at work and at home. David is the Vice President of Merchandising for Hallmark and has also worked as a design director for firms such as Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn. He lives in San Francisco and also has beautiful homes in Palm Springs and Kansas City. I have learned a lot from David over the years, despite the fact that we have never met and live on opposite ends of the continent.

One thing David is passionate about is photography and creating galleries at home.

“Ever since I can remember, I’ve been passionate about photography,” he says. “As a teenager, I would buy those inexpensive large calendars, the kind that are filled with black and white photos of European cities, tear them apart and use the prints as artwork on the walls of my small bedroom in the Bronx.”

He has come a long way since those thumb-tack and tear-sheet days. His rooms are now filled with his collections of photographs, all beautifully framed and distinctively arranged. David has kindly provided these photographs, which showcase how he has used frames in his own homes. Click here to visit David’s website.





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A Grand Dame Sun, 05 Oct 2014 13:00:03 +0000 Last year, when I visited Brent and Josh in Sharon Springs, I toured one of the most beautiful homes I had ever seen. It belongs to Michelle Curran, the most intrepid real-estate agent in town. (Michelle was responsible for handling the sale of the Beekman mansion to ‘the boys’ in 2007.) On this particular trip, I was traveling with a companion – my friend Jessica Hodgson, who is a very talented photographer. Brent raved about Michelle’s house and her legendary parties. By all accounts, we had to see this place.

Michelle’s house once belonged to Dr. John H. Gardner and his family. Construction began in the 1850s and was completed in 1860. The house sits at the summit of a hilly, 88-acre property just outside of town on a high promontory overlooking the Mohawk Valley. The seven-bedroom, 8000 square-foot, Italianate-inspired mansion is faced entirely with limestone, much of it quarried on site. It stands resolute: stately and tall and proud.

Indoors, Michelle has left the house with much of its rough-hewn patina. Worn wood floors and chipped plaster walls catch the light beautifully, adding a rustic, cozy charm to the vast spaces. To counteract the effects of time, Michelle has used vibrantly-hued wallpapers and paint to lighten the rooms, which have 14-foot high ceilings and tall windows. It all works beautifully to create something that is utterly unique.

Michelle has been living in the home since 1990 and currently has the property up for sale. Jessica took these gorgeous photos of the home and I was eager to share them with you. We were both so impressed by this home and its owner’s decision to leave much of it intact, embracing the patterns of time rather than trying to scrub them away. I hope you enjoy these photographs!

To see more of Jessica’s photography, please click here.




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Fall in Love with Vintage Thu, 02 Oct 2014 13:04:46 +0000 FALL IN LOVE WITH VINTAGE!


Photograph by


Jodi Hilliard is the official curator of the Beekman 1802 Vintage Collection. She shares regular posts about her finds and using them in your lifestyle.

Autumn is here so that means pumpkin everything, cooler temperatures and colorful leaves—my favorite time of the year! And it’s a great season for decorating with vintage because fall hues + vintage pieces = rustic love.

“Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile.” William Cullen Bryant

Now is the perfect time to transition your decor by replacing your light and sunny summer pieces with more autumn appropriate ones. This fall assemblage from the Beekman 1802 Vintage Collection contains items the will help you easily make this seasonal conversion. Simply adding a framed art print, filling a vintage wire basket with freshly harvested apples or placing fall flowers in a pitcher can freshen up a room. You don’t have to completely redecorate your home to celebrate the new season, just make a few simple changes to set the tone.

I am currently obsessed with vintage stag horns and have been decorating with them in my home. The natural beauty of the antlers on a mantle, as focal point in a centerpiece or hanging on a wall makes lovely autumn decor.

Be sure to check out the fall pieces in the Beekman 1802 Vintage Collection as inspiration for your autumn decorating needs. If you fall in love with anything, be sure to act fast before it’s gone!


                   Vintagely yours,



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There must be something in the water ’round here.  Everyone seems to be fabulous in one way or another.

Meet our neighbor, artist Wendy Costa, and enter into her wonderfully whimsical world.


How long have you been doing what you are doing? 

I have been in business since 1987 when I began my adventure into handmade and American made art and design when I was just 24. I have been designing and selling my art for 27 years. I am truly living my childhood dream. Against all odds with this recession, I am able to have a retail store with the incredible help and love and support from Doug and Garth from the American Hotel.


How long have you lived in the Sharon Springs area and what do you love most about it?

I came up to Sharon Springs in 2009 looking for property when the recession hit and we wanted to buy something smaller that we could love and restore and use for our studio and home. Even though I lived most of my life in Berne, NY, I never heard of or visited Sharon Springs. I was thrilled! I found my old Methodist church and parsonage just 25 minutes from Sharon, but I wanted to be part of the chamber and business community there right away.


What is the single thing that you look to on a daily basis for inspiration?

Everyday I am inspired by my opportunity to be self-employed as a woman. My neighbors pitch in during our busy fall season and help with my production, make me meals when I am too busy to cook, and I will never leave this area. My heart is here. The buildings with their history, the people with their slower pace of life and willingness to lend a hand, and the ever changing landscape of color from the seasons inspire me. I am close to the greatest city in the world for art, a hop and skip to Montreal, Boston, Philadelphia and some of the very best markets for selling handmade.


How much longer will your have your pop-up shop on Main Street in Sharon Springs?

My busy season for shows starts October through December, so I will be traveling selling my work until December and I will keep the shop closed. I will re-open in the spring (I think April) with a new plan for my little Klinkhart space as I dream of adding a tea room and larger floor plan, a new line of tights and scarves and a sculptural line I am working on that happened by chance with a customer who visited Sharon Springs and my studio, and that friendship has led to a new line for me and a new direction that I’m thrilled about. I had a great success in Sharon Springs this summer and cannot wait to be back in the spring!

To see more of Wendy’s work click here, and be on the look out for an exclusive collaboration with Beekman 1802 this holiday season!






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Home Fires Burning Tue, 23 Sep 2014 19:06:10 +0000 Bravado1THIS CONTEST IS NOW OVER.

Congratulations to Emily Sferra and thanks to all for sharing.  Be on the lookout for another Beekman 1802 contest soon!


Our favorite thing about autumn is the crunch of fallen leaves and the faint scent of wood smoke in the air.  To celebrate the arrival of the new season at Beekman 1802, our friends at Serenity Health, are giving away this beautiful iron fire pit.

Imagine the glow!  Imagine the entertaining!  Imagine the s’mores!!!


To enter, simply tell us the ONE thing you love most about Autumn in the comments section below.  The winner will be selected using a random number generator.

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Black & Gold

A gold necklace against a black dress. Brass buckles on black boots. The combination of black and gold has always caught my eye. There is something infinitely elegant about this simple pairing; it exemplifies luxury and drama – effortlessly. In interior spaces, using black and gold requires a bit of chutzpah, to be sure, but the effect can be as subtle or as glamorous as you want it to be. It just depends on how high you want to turn up the volume. The five images below reveal the charm of black & gold in varying degrees of drama.

Autumn is the perfect season to start experimenting with color indoors. If you’re thinking about using a bold, contrasting palette like black and gold, it’s best to start in a small space, such as a powder room or study, before expanding to a larger space. If you end up hating it, you don’t have much to correct. What are some of your favorite color pairings? Do you like the quiet classicism of white and blue: nautical, French, pastoral? Or do you prefer something bolder like green and pink? (Believe it or not, green and pink look amazing together!) Share your thoughts in the comments section below.




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Vintage Kitchen Gadgets Thu, 11 Sep 2014 12:14:33 +0000 Photograph by

Photograph by


Jodi Hilliard is the official buyer for the Beekman 1802 Vintage Collection. She shares regular posts about her finds and using them in your lifestyle.


I love, love, love vintage kitchen gadgets—in my opinion, you can never have too many! When out picking, I’m always on the lookout for cool old kitchen tools to add to the Beekman 1802 Vintage Collection.

Retro kitchenware is normally quite sturdy and obviously able to stand the test of time since pieces were made with materials such as stainless steel and aluminum in all American cities like Burlington, VT (Edlund) and Minneapolis, MN (Foley). Some even seem indestructible! I also enjoy the colorful wooden handles that are featured on a lot of the gadgets like the red ones on the Bromwell’s 5 Cup Sifter and the Edlund Hand Mixer in this assemblage. Not only do they look great, they work well too!

Bromwell's 5 Cup Sifter

Bromwell’s 5 Cup Sifter

Edlund Hand Mixer

Edlund Hand Mixer

Pictured below are a few pieces from my personal kitchen gadget collection that I use quite often. The pastry cutter is a must for  making my nearly famous Vanilla Bean Scones, the dual pairing knife/peeler always comes in handy when prepping veggies, the ice cream scooper is a hit in the summer and the awesome-ly retro clown wine bottle opener was my Nana’s (although I never saw her drink wine?). Each piece works as well for me now as the day it was first made.

My personal fav's!

My personal fav’s


Hopefully you’re now inspired to hit the kitchen, breakout your favorite Beekman 1802 Cookbook and whip up a yummy heirloom recipe with the help of vintage kitchen gadgets. Be sure to check out the vintage items now available for sale in the Beekman 1802 Vintage Collection before they’re gobbled up!

Vintagely yours,







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Embracing Eclecticism

Learning to live with the things you love should not be as daunting as it is. We have been conditioned over the years to adhere to decorating trends and to follow them religiously in our homes: “don’t put these two colors together; don’t mix patterns; that’s so last year.” Thankfully, I work in a creative environment that nurtures eclectic design and style, which I believe is beautiful, if only by virtue of the individualistic approach it encourages in those that employ it at home.

This post was inspired by my friend April Walsh and her family, who recently won a magazine contest, which afforded them a full kitchen makeover from Ikea. Their style is the perfect representation of what eclecticism means to a young family: the mixing of treasured objects (old, new, upcycled and repurposed) with functional, modern appliances and surfaces. Click here to see the video of their new kitchen!

Below are five images that also represent this style beautifully. While there are no real rules to making this style work, there are some simple guidelines that might be helpful. Notice that the rooms are bright and airy with a neutral base. This helps makes the treasured objects and unique design statements shine while also keeping them grounded. It keeps the rooms looking modern, not kitschy. The rooms are curated, not cluttered, and textures are overlapped and paired unexpectedly to create visual interest but are not overwhelming the space. The real key is editing.

So, go ahead: take out that collection of vintage salt-&-pepper shakers and put them on display. Use your imagination and dare to be free-spirited. It’s your home, after all.


Click here to see more images like this.




Tell us about YOUR style in the comments section below

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