• blaak-bowls

    Blaak Bowls

    BY:Josh and Brent

    Heaven knows we’re not usually too fancy when it comes to food presentation. If it looks good, tastes good, and comes fresh from the garden…it’s a home run in our kitchen. The best looking “table-scape” we’ve ever seen is one with friends sitting around it. But we sometimes find ourselves with a few wheels of […]

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  • img_2682

    Whole Poached Chicken

    BY:Josh and Brent

    We used to think of poached chicken as something fancy ladies ate for lunch when they were “reducing”.  It seemed like a bland, not-preferable alternative to a delicious roasted or fried chicken. The few times we’d had poached chicken, it was tough and tasteless. Now that we have the farm, however, we find ourselves poaching […]

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  • IMG_28692-550x412

    Old Fashioned Gooseberry Pie

    BY:Josh and Brent

      Everyone knows how much we love pie at Beekman 1802 Farm. And even though we’re always trying some new experiments with our pies, we always agree that the more traditional the recipe, the better it tastes. Why do grandma’s recipes turn out best? Because she experimented in her youth too, and realized that her […]

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  • rhymeforrind

    Choosing Cheese

    BY:Josh and Brent

    One of the most difficult and intimidating things about planning a sophisticated party (aside from walking into the wine shop), is putting together a cheese plate.  Let’s face it, sometimes cubes of cheddar, swiss and jack just don’t convey the image you are trying to project.   Looking into a cheese case can be overwhelming, but […]

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  • 01555-f

    Beer & Cheese

    BY:Josh and Brent

    People often think that wine and cheese are the ultimate companions, probably because such fine examples of each come from France, but traditionally, it was much more likely to pair cheese with beer.  And here’s why: Cheese and beer were historically farmhouse staples (we know quite a bit of those) and along with bread occupied […]

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  • fineandshandy

    The Beekman Shandy

    BY:Josh and Brent

    Variations of the Shandy can be found in countries from Germany to Africa.  (We first tasted one while traveling in China!)   Classically, a Shandy is made by filling a glass half-full with a dark beer and then topping it off with lemonade.    A Shandygaff is made by mixing beer and ginger ale or root […]

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  • sweet tart

    Cherry, Forever

    BY:Josh and Brent

    No fruit signals the beginning of summer at Beekman 1802 farm more than the pie cherry. Over the years we’ve made Sour Cherry Pie Sour Cherry Scones Sour Cherry Strudel Sour Cherry Sorbet Sour Cherry Caflouti and even Sour Cherry Bounce But we’re certainly not the first to carry out a love affair with the […]

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  • L1023736

    Gartending: Old Glory


    For the Spring and Summer growing season, we bring you a new feature at Beekman 1802, the Soused Gnome.  He’ll teach  you how to “gartend”–create perfect seasonal cocktails using fresh ingredients from the garden.   The Red White and Blue Cocktail needs hot weather to make it groove.  Red from red roses- woven into a […]

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  • Beekman Boys_edited-1

    On with the Show

    BY:Josh and Brent

    We’re very proud of the success of “The Fabulous Beekman Boys,” and have so enjoyed meeting all the new “neighbors” from all over the world that it has brought into our life. The show stands apart as one of the rare reality shows that captures a positive portrayal of small town America and good people […]

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  • aradicaltakeonradishes

    Pickled Radish Pods

    BY:Josh and Brent

    There’s never an “okay” radish season. It seems that each year is either a bumper crop of perfectly bulbous spicy delicacies, or a complete bust of bolted, measly, woody tap-roots. But even in the worst years, when late frosts kills the earliest radish seedlings and early heat waves force the surviving plants to bolt, there’s […]

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