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  • Christmas-Wine-Bottle-Accessories

    The Christmas Kringle

    BY:Josh and Brent

    What is a holiday party without a signature cocktail? We discovered this particular glass of holiday cheer at our friend Michelle’s annual Christmas Day brunch. This is a “layered” cocktail that looks beautiful in the glass.  Here’s how to make  Christmas Kringle Ingredients Champagne Cranberry Juice Creme de Menthe Instructions (must be done in this […]

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  • seasonalsemisweet

    Hazelnut Cake with Orange Marscapone & Pomegranate

    BY:Josh and Brent

    How many times will you say it this holiday season? “I can’t possibly eat one more sweet.” We feel the same way. It’s impossible to go to a party without grazing on all manner of holiday cookies and desserts. In fact, they all begin to taste the same after awhile. Every single holiday treat seems […]

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  • pomegranate

    How to remove the seeds (arils) from a pomegranate

    BY:Josh and Brent

    Watch our simple way to remove the seeds (arils) from a fresh pomegranate with no mess:

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  • Singlezoom

    Sugar Plums

    BY:Josh and Brent

    We’ve had visions of sugar plums dance in our head before, especially after seeing The Nutcracker performed at Lincoln Center. But despite having heard of them pretty much our entire lives, nary a one had ever crossed our lips. What is a sugar plum, after all? The term “sugar plum” originated in the late 17th […]

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  • cookie2

    Campfire Cookies

    BY:Angela Rae Berg

    Brent wants to build a fire pit down by the  lower pond where the boys can entertain by fire-light.  He’s been too busy this autumn to get it done. S’mores have become a slight obsession for me in the past couple years.  I’ve gone through batches of homemade graham crackers (see how here), almost burnt […]

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  • sourcherryandsausagestuffing

    Sausage and Sour Cherry Stuffing

    BY:Josh and Brent

    Several people have requested the recipe for the sausage and sour cherry stuffing that was featured on the Thanksgiving episode of The Fabulous Beekman Boys. And a couple of people have requested the recipe for Brent’s famous stuffing. That can be found here. 10 Cups white bread, with crusts cut off and cut into 1 […]

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  • Pears

    Champagne Pears


    You’ll need some pear nectar or, better, pear purée. You could make pear purée yourself , but you need very ripe, very sweet pears. (and you run the risk that the homemade version will oxidize and turn brown), so look for frozen purée. If you can’t find it in a gourmet shop, try here.  It […]

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  • 08pour

    A Strange Brew


    Even though there are variations in beer–some are a bit sweeter than others, and some may be characterized more by hops than by malt, or have more complex aromas–even an uninitiated drinker would instantly recognize a beer as a beer. But that is not always the case.   I wanted to deal with some of […]

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  • acornucopiaofwishes

    A Cornue-copia of Riches.

    BY:Josh Kilmer-Purcell

    I’ve always said that as long as someone has a flame and a pot, they can cook a meal fit for a king. And I believe that. I fell in love with cooking during my early days in New York City, when I shared a studio apartment with four other people and had a countertop […]

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  • blacktan

    Twist and Stout


    I spent last weekend in LA, and had dinner one evening at Wurstküche, a new downtown hotspot. The restaurant (as its name would imply) specializes in sausages and has about 25 German and Belgian beers on tap. I was surprised, not because there was such a place in downtown LA (which has become quite hip) […]

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