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  • rhubarb-cocktail

    The Snapdragon

    BY:Eben Klemm

      Brent and Josh are always coming up with new recipes with items harvested fresh from the Beekman 1802 Heirloom Garden, so I thought I’d develop a cocktail fresh from the spring garden. I’m not a huge fan of most flavored vodkas.  Even from the best ingredients, it always seems a little artificial to me.  […]

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  • 74977_strawberry-cocktail_s4x3_lg

    The Strawberry Speechless

    BY:Eben Klemm

        At the tail-end of winter, one cannot help but dream of Spring.  Even if you’ve not pulled the first short sleeve shirt out of storage, this delicious cocktail will make you feel like spring has sprung right inside your mouth.  It might even leave you speechless. The Strawberry Speechless Instructions In a mixing […]

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  • maple_syrup_tap

    The Sugar Bush Margarita

    BY:Eben Klemm

      In the hills around the farm, the maple tree is nicknamed the Sugar Bush because of the delicious sap that rises every spring.  You can bring the country to the city with this witty and delicious cocktail   The SugarBush Martini Ingredients 1 ounce El Mayor Reposado Tequila 1/2 ounce Ilegal Reposado Mezcal 1/2 […]

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  • somelikeithot

    Beekman 1802 Cajeta

    BY:Josh and Brent

    When thinking of new products for Beekman 1802, we look for inspiration all over the farm (and even all over the world).  For our latest, we didn’t have to look very far or very hard at all.  One day about two years ago, in a conversation on the stoop of Farmer John’s house, he mentioned […]

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  • 11045_mint_limonata_600

    The Valhalla

    BY:Eben Klemm

      In Norse mythology, Valhalla is the equivalent of heaven.  We’ve found our heaven at Beekman Farm, but a few sips of this cocktail will put you in that paradise state of mind even if you haven’t quite reached that dream destination.   The Valhalla Instructions Rip the tops off three mint sprigs and set […]

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  • img_2811

    Habanera Cajeta and Graham Cracker Ice Cream

    BY:Josh and Brent

    Mmmmm…hot peppers for dessert! Okay, even we’ll admit that might not sound terribly tempting –at least to the more traditional among us. But lest you think that us country-folk lead a bland & simple existence, we want to share one of our favorite made-up Beekman creations: Habanero Cajeta. Translated roughly, that ends up as “hot-pepper […]

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  • 16muhlke-case-tmagSF

    The Black Sheep Cocktail

    BY:Eben Klemm

      Even the family at the Beekman Farm has a black sheep (or two).   They need to take a trip to the “watering hole” every once in a while, too   The Black Sheep Cocoktail   Ingredients: 1 1/2 ounces vodka dash anisette dash St Germain 3 oz Tonic Water 2 blackberries Garnish:thin lemon wedges […]

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  • SuperStock_1570R-102010

    Hair of the Llama Cocktail

    BY:Eben Klemm

        I know this is the first week of Spring, but that’s a bit hard to visualize in upstate New York right now.  Those white flakes falling by my window are not of a substance I or anybody associates with the first day of spring.  That’s why my first round of spring cocktails look […]

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  • fermented-ketchup-1

    Kicky Chipotle Catsup

    BY:Josh and Brent

        Some summers we’re blessed with so many tomatoes, we struggle with how to use them all.  We’ve never been a fan of catsup.  Sugar and tomatoes seemed like a totally unnecessary combination, but met one summer with some free time and a bountiful harvest we worked up this recipe. It makes a perfect […]

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  • cookiecraving

    Dark Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Cookies with Orange.

    BY:Josh Kilmer-Purcell

      I don’t know how many people know this, but Toll House is one of my advertising clients. How lucky am I? Yep, I can ask for packages of morsels any time I want. For “research,” of course. Purely for research. But even if they weren’t a client of mine, I’ve got to admit that […]

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