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    Beekman Blaak Cheese

    BY:Josh and Brent

      Beekman 1802 Blaak is the world-famous artisanal cheese produced from the goats at Beekman Farm. Blaak is an Italian-style semi-hard cheese made from a 60:40 mix of raw goat and cow milk giving the cheese a mild but distinctive flavor. In keeping with traditional cheesemaking practices, this rare cheese is aged for 3 months […]

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    Sunshine Egg Salad

    BY:Josh and Brent

      One of the thrills of owning a farm (or even a sizable backyard) is the joy of walking out and plucking fresh chicken eggs right from the roost.  At Beekman 1802, the eggshells come in the palest shade of blue to a rich leather brown, and the yolks are as bright orange as a […]

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    Gartending: Bug-B-Gone


    For the Spring and Summer growing season, we bring you a new feature at Beekman 1802, the Soused Gnome.  He’ll teach  you how to “gartend”–create perfect seasonal cocktails using fresh ingredients from the garden.   Klaus is thirsty. No, not just thirsty of a cool drink on a sizzling hot day, but thirsty for an […]

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    Wild Rice, Watermelon & Beet Salad

    BY:Josh and Brent

    We first fell in love with the combination of watermelon and beets in a NYC restaurant several years ago, and I quickly set about to recreate a version of this salad for ourselves. We made several changes and additions, and now this has become one of our favorite late summer salads. It combines the nutty […]

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  • blaak-bowls

    Blaak Bowls

    BY:Josh and Brent

    Heaven knows we’re not usually too fancy when it comes to food presentation. If it looks good, tastes good, and comes fresh from the garden…it’s a home run in our kitchen. The best looking “table-scape” we’ve ever seen is one with friends sitting around it. But we sometimes find ourselves with a few wheels of […]

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    Chicken Pasta Salad with Gooseberries

    BY:Josh and Brent

    Okay, okay…we can hear you now: “I can’t make this recipe! Where on earth will I find gooseberries?!” Well, let’s get that out of the way right away. You can use green grapes. In fact, that’s how this recipe originated. It was one of Josh’s inventions from many many years ago when he lived in […]

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    Whole Poached Chicken

    BY:Josh and Brent

    We used to think of poached chicken as something fancy ladies ate for lunch when they were “reducing”.  It seemed like a bland, not-preferable alternative to a delicious roasted or fried chicken. The few times we’d had poached chicken, it was tough and tasteless. Now that we have the farm, however, we find ourselves poaching […]

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    Old Fashioned Gooseberry Pie

    BY:Josh and Brent

      Everyone knows how much we love pie at Beekman 1802 Farm. And even though we’re always trying some new experiments with our pies, we always agree that the more traditional the recipe, the better it tastes. Why do grandma’s recipes turn out best? Because she experimented in her youth too, and realized that her […]

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    Manly Bread

    BY:Josh and Brent

    We like to call this our loaf for oafs because it has the rich, dark aroma of beer and is VERY easy to make.  Hmmm…maybe a man CAN live on bread alone.   Ingredients: 12 ounces of a dark beer or ale or stout 1 cup of whole wheat flour 1.5 cups of all-purpose flour […]

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  • rhymeforrind

    Choosing Cheese

    BY:Josh and Brent

    One of the most difficult and intimidating things about planning a sophisticated party (aside from walking into the wine shop), is putting together a cheese plate.  Let’s face it, sometimes cubes of cheddar, swiss and jack just don’t convey the image you are trying to project.   Looking into a cheese case can be overwhelming, but […]

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