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  • seewhatthemineralbaths

    Tale of Two Cities

    BY:Josh and Brent

    When we were invited to The Greenbrier to do a cooking demo from The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook, we had to accept.  It was reconnecting two parts of history. We’ve told the story before about Sharon Springs’ rise as a world-renowned spa destination in the 19th century, and it’s fall from society’s graces during the […]

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  • 377357_10150511155898420_57874403419_10572336_1267225683_n

    Same Time, Next Year

    BY:Josh and Brent

      The second annual Sharon Springs Victorian Holiday Celebration doubled in size with even more activities and brilliant costumes.  The village even raised $2000 for the Hurricane Irene flood victims bracing for winter. We were too busy spreading holiday cheer to take photos, so we relied on our friends Harold Levine, The Classic Image, and […]

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  • Christmas Pudding

    Eat This, Not that?

    BY:Justin Mendoza

    When I think of the Victorian era, two images immediately come to mind.  Both are derived from literature and film, the first being the lavish high society depicted in Edith Wharton’s novels like ‘The Age of Innocence’.  The other is from Dickens’ ‘Oliver Twist’, the orphan who pleads “can I have some more, please?”  This […]

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  • IMG_1794

    The Color Purple: A Frosty Garden

    BY:Josh Kilmer-Purcell

    I’ll admit it. I’m a gambling man. Many gardeners begin cleaning out their garden right after the first frost. While they know that many species in the garden can handle light frosts, many like to go ahead and harvest whatever produce remains, and clean up the garden before a really hard frost kills everything. But […]

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  • il_fullxfull.203177766

    Mary Prepares for Christmas

    BY:Mary Beekman

    Mary Beekman is a four-year-old ghost who resides in The Beekman Mansion, and considers Brent and Josh her “imaginary friends.” Follow Mary Beekman’s Diary each week to learn what it’s like to be a young child in early 19th century America It does not seem to matter if it is gray and snowy in the […]

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  • pre-occupied

    Early Satiety

    BY:Dr. Brent

    Some lessons can be taught by occupying Wall Street, but we learned ours by occupying the garden.   When I was a child there was a hierarchy of important days each year:  Christmas, first day of school, and the annual showing of The Wizard of Oz on CBS. Back then there was no DVR, no […]

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  • MerryLittleChristmas

    Merry Little Christmas

    BY:Josh and Brent

    The magic of Christmas in any city includes the twinkling lights and the elaborate holiday display windows, but just because we lack the financial resources and huge walls of plate glass doesn’t mean we can’t make our little “Five and Ten” glisten once again. Last year we simultaneously made fun of the idea of Black […]

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  • chatter square

    The Chatter (Dec)

    BY:Josh and Brent

      We’ve lobbied really hard for Garrison Keillor to give up life in Lake Wobegone and move to Sharon Springs,  but thus far he has not answered our letters or returned our calls. Sharon Springs has beautiful people and above-average children, too, so on to Plan B. What is a small town village without a […]

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  • BarnHeart-1


    BY:Josh and Brent

    How to tell if you’re infected. Certain people, myself included, are afflicted by a condition that’s difficult to describe. It’s not recognized by physicians or psychoanalysts (yet), but it’s really only a matter of time before it’s a household diagnosis. It’s a sharp, targeted depression, a sudden overcast feeling that hits you while you’re at […]

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  • theannex

    Something Old & Something New

    BY:Josh and Brent

    The Beekman 1802 Annex is now open for business!   Josh’s grandfather (pictured above) used to own a small grocery in nearby Coxsackie, NY, so an eye for the essential (and the elaborate) runs in the family. In 1802, William Beekman, one of upstate New York’s most successful merchants, built the residence and farm we […]

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